Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Part1 of a six part series. In part 1 we cover the importance of obedience to God and how the truth helps us be obedient to Him.

Psalm 127:4 (Our emphasis will be on this verse)

A powerfull warior of God always walks in obedience.

1 Samuel 15:22 says; "To obey is better than sacrifice"

Obedience in the Bible is threefold;

1. Obey God before anything else

2. Obey God’s institution on earth (The church and its leaders, The family unit and the headship of the family as God instituted)

3. Obey civil leaders and laws.

(Selected obedience is not obedience at all but convenience)foo

#1. The first arrow is the arrow of truth

(Pastor Gomez used a real bow and arrow and shot it at a target about 40 feet away to demonstrate that there is a process and God has given us all the tool to be succesful in obeying Him)

1). The bow represents the power of the Holy Spirit operating in our lives.

2. The sights on the bow represent vision.

3. The arrows represent the purpose of God.

4. The quiver where the warrior keeps the arrows represents the heart where the purposes of God are kept.

2). If we want our arrows to hit the target of obedience, there are four things we must do;

1. Practice the truth.

2. Work hard at telling the truth no matter what.

3. Be determined that no matter the consequences you are going to abide in the truth

4. concentration on the target (obedience)

*(Psalm 91:4) “He shall cover you with His feathers,

And under His wings you shall take refuge;

His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”

· Truth protects us from the attacks of the enemy;

· It protects us from accusations

· It protects us from slander or anyone pointing the finger at us.

· The worst testimony that a Christian can have is being a lyre

· We are encouraged in the scriptures to seek Gods truth (Psalm. 25:5), David said; “Lead me in the truth and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation

The Knight’s Pledge; In a book about the knights of England there is a rule by which they are admonished to live. “Live pure, speak truth, right the wrong, follow the king; this is why you were born.

· This is a great motto for the Christian! He must live a pure life, which means a holy one;

· He must speak the truth and do what he can to right conditions that are wrong.

· And above all, he must follow the King, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Truth is a concept for which the Old Testament has no distinct word.

The word generally used means ‘constant, permanent, faithful, reliable.

· People are admonished to judge truly, and the lack of truth is lamented,


When something or someone is true it will last.

Jesus said;” If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the otruth, and pthe truth shall make you free.”

This freedom doesn’t come from intellectual knowledge or from anything elsefrom but having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are the Effects of truth in the Christian life?

1. Truth makes us free. John 8:31, 32. Jesus said to all those that believed; “IF YOU ABIDE IN MY WORD YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES INDEED. AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”

2. Sanctification LOOK AT John 17:17–19

3. Purification of our souls 1 Pet. 1:22 SAYS THAT; we purify our soul by obeying the truth

4. We are established by the truth. Eph. 4:15 says that when we speak the truth, we grow in our Christian walk.

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