Summary: What is the tithe?

Ignoring topics on stewardship does not minimize our responsibility to God. Even if I never talk to you about tithing, God still expects you to tithe. I’d rather hear about it and be blessed in doing it, than to not hear about it and still be held accountable to God. Well, I’m not an adult yet, this message is not for me. It does not matter your age, God expects you to be a tither. If you can’t learn to be faithful in tithing from the five dollars you get, how do you think you will be faithful on tithing when you get a job?

Mal 3:8-12 ¿Robará el hombre a Dios? Pues vosotros me estáis robando. Pero decís: "¿En qué te hemos robado?" En los diezmos y en las ofrendas. (9) Con maldición estáis malditos, porque vosotros, la nación entera, me estáis robando. (10) Traed todo el diezmo al alfolí, para que haya alimento en mi casa; y ponedme ahora a prueba en esto--dice el SEÑOR de los ejércitos-- si no os abriré las ventanas del cielo, y derramaré para vosotros bendición hasta que sobreabunde. (11) Por vosotros reprenderé al devorador, para que no os destruya los frutos del suelo; ni vuestra vid en el campo será estéril--dice el SEÑOR de los ejércitos. (12) Y todas las naciones os llamarán bienaventurados, porque seréis una tierra de delicias--dice el SEÑOR de los ejércitos.

I. Mathmatically, it is 10%

a. From every 10, 1 belongs to God. From every 100, 10 belong to God.

b. Anything less is not a tithe and is stealing from God. God states firmly bring all the tithe, if not you are stealing from God.

c. When we look at the totals of what we are giving, we see that some give much more than others. We must understand that God does not call us to give the same amounts, God calls us to sacrifice the same.

d. 10% may seem like a lot, but remember that God is really the owner of everything. He could have said bring me 90% and live off of the 10. He could have said bring me 100% and I will provide for all of your needs.

II. Morally, it is a debt.

a. We have received something wonderful from God. Something we could never pay for with money or even service. We have been saved from Hell!

b. Why do we complain when He asks the tithe of us? Funny how $100 dollars looks so small when we want to buy new clothes with it but so big when God asks us for it.

c. You owe him your very life, the least you could give him is your tithe.

d. We are faithful in paying our debts to the electric, cable, telephone, cellular, etc. because we are afraid to lose service but we are not faithful with our debt to God and lose something far more important… His blessings over our finances.

III. Economically, it is an investment.

a. We do not give to be blessed, we are blessed because we give.

b. Luk 6:38 Dad, y os será dado; medida buena, apretada, remecida y rebosante, vaciarán en vuestro regazo. Porque con la medida con que midáis, se os volverá a medir.

c. Brother I don’t give because I do not have. No you do not have because you do not give. What comes first? Giving or having? En lo poco fuiste fiel

d. We invest in so many things that bring only temporal blessings, shouldn’t we invest in something that is going to bring eternal blessing?

IV. Spiritually it is a blessing

a. God doesn’t need your money. So why does he ask if of you? Because he understands that he doesn’t need what you have but you need what he has.

b. I’m convinced that it is going to come out of your pocket any way. Don’t keep putting your finances in a pocket with holes.

c. When God blesses he blesses in abundance.

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