Summary: Believers are urged not to sin, but if they do, they have an advocate with God the Father. Believers are told to have love for one another, thereby showing that they are followers of Christ.

Key verse 1 John 2:5

In verses 1-2

• Apostle John is now on up in years

• Has spent most of his life in ministry

• Undoubtedly has brought many to Christ

• He offers reassurance to believers that might have sinned

• The Spirit of Truth, the Comforter convicts us of sin

• Jesus is our propitiation; He took our place on the Cross of Calvary

• Jesus is our mediator to God, not only for believers but the whole world

• No one is beyond forgiveness

In verses 3-6

• How do we know that we are a Christian?

• We do as Christ instructs

• Live as Christ wants us to live

1 John 3:23

John 14:23

1 John 4:12

• True Christian faith is in loving one another

• We are to walk as Christ walked

• We cannot copy Christ by finding disciples or by being crucified, those are things only He could do as the Son of God

• We are to live as Christ lived, follow His teachings, show obedience to God, and serve others

In verses 7-8

• The command to love is from the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:18) as well as the New Testament (John 13:34-35)

John 15:13

Matthew 5:43-48

• Love is key to the Christian walk

• As our relationship with God grows, so does our relationship grow with others

In verses 9-11

• There will be people we dislike or disagree with

• The focus is on our attitudes that make us treat others negatively, as enemies

• We are to show concern, compassion, and respect to others

• Individuals who walk in disdain and ill will to believers, do so in a darkened state

• Christian love instructs us to esteem others soul's

• If spiritual darkness is in our hearts, our conscience will be obscured

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