Summary: Our courts are slowly banning the 10 Commandments. Do they know they are breaking the first one, and stomping on our Christian heritage? Link included to Formatted Text version, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation.

10 Ways America Is Under Attack

Exodus 20:1-17

America was again attacked this week, and in grander scale than on 9/11. Our brave soldiers in the Middle East are attacked daily, and we need to hold them up in prayer, but this week, it happened again…on our own soil…and this time, it was not by Muslim terrorists, but by American citizens, including Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who retired from the Supreme Court a week too late!

Ill.—the film “Independence Day” told of an attack which came at the hands of aliens, but this Independence Day we are under siege from many claiming to be patriotic Americans.

Sept. 11 was one of the darkest days in all of human history…we’re still reeling from it, we all remember where we were and what we were doing and how we felt. We were glued to the news and in shock! But our true colors shined brightly…the terrorists only brought out the best of what we Americans have inside of us! But I tell you today that this week we were once again attacked. It was a sad week in America!

Here is a list of the ten ways we were attacked this week:

The first attack—

The 1st commandment was not only broken, but banned.

The other 9 attacks were simultaneous as the 10 Commandments were once again maligned in our country on the eve of our Independence celebration!

The Supreme Court of the US, in one of their most puzzling sessions of all time, ordered the removal of 2 displays in Kentucky and allowed another to remain in Texas…the only difference being what they judged to be the “motive and intent” of those who posted them. Now, other displays are being defaced…And already, many other places are taking them down…places which haven’t been ordered to remove them…about 2 hrs. from here in Olney, IL courthouse officials took down this framed picture, just donated last year…it’s a tribute to heroes of Sept. 11 that includes the 10 Commandments…they said they were just following precedent and trying to avoid any trouble. I think we should all be adding displays, not taking them down!

Ironic, isn’t it? That the Supreme Court bldg - built in 1935 – has carved on front and above it’s mighty pillars Moses and the Ten Commandments. [The justices must enter back way!] Will they have to remodel now? How about the House of Representatives – across the speakers’ seat is a sculpture of Moses?

This is the final nail in the coffin built for the Ten Commandments when the memorial in the rotunda of The Alabama Judicial Building was ordered removed. This is the Supreme Court, and our only appeal now is to God!

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore authorized the memorial as a reminder that the biblical laws stand as the moral groundwork of American law…he was right!

Here’s a little info. about the “motive and intent” of our founding fathers as it applies to the 10 Commandments:

* Twelve of the original 13 colonies incorporated the entire Ten Commandments into their civil and criminal codes.

* President John Adams stated, "The law given from Sinai was a civil and municipal code as well as a moral and religious code. These are laws essential to the existence of men in society and most of which have been enacted by every Nation which ever professed any code of laws. Vain

indeed would be the search among the writings of secular history to find so broad, so complete and so solid a basis of morality as the Ten Commandments lay down." (Note that the American Bible Society was started by an act of Congress and John Adams, our second president, served as its first leader.)

Our laws are based on the 10 commandments and the Bible.

“America is great because America is good and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

Alexis De Tocqueville, “Democracy In America”

Several Pieces of Evidence To Consider:

[based largely on “Defending The 10 Commandments” by Dave Kinney]

1. The Northwest Ordinance.

Thanks to Thomas Jefferson, we have our backyards! Because the NW Territory he scoped out and helped us expand into includes our fair state! Congress first enacted the Northwest Ordinance in 1789, when the nation was still operating under the Articles of Confederation. The purpose of the Ordinance was to create a temporary government for the Northwest Territory (a huge patch of land that extended from the great lakes to the Ohio river valley), and to establish a procedure by which territories could apply for admission into the Union. The Ordinance was reenacted with very minor changes in 1789, after the passage of the Constitution.

The first sentence of Article III of the Northwest Ordinance reads as follows: “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government…and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”

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