Summary: Study of the lives of the 12 Disciples

12 Disciples – Thaddeaus, Simon and Judas

Monday 13th November 06

Thaddeaus has been called the disciple with three names. Mat 10:4 = Thaddeaus and Lebbeaus. Luke 6:14 – 16 (Acts 1:13) Judas, brother of James. KJV brother – some relation to James. He is only mentioned one time (apart from list of Disciples) John 14:22. He asked the right person…

Simon the Canaanite was not from the city of Cana, nor a descendant of the Canaanites. Luke 6:15 calls him a Zealot.

ZEALOTS were a very zealous (enthusiastic) patriotic party of Jews who were strongly opposed to Roman rule. They wanted Israel to be a free nation, and they didn’t want to be ruled by the Romans. They wanted their country to be liberated and set free from the Roman control. They would use violence, robbery, and even assassination to achieve their goal.

The Zealot movement probably began with the Judas uprising that we learn about in Acts 5:37. This uprising took place about the time of Christ’s birth. (Some say it began with the Maccabees) During the time of Christ’s public ministry there were many “zealots” who wanted to use force to free their country. Probably Barabbas and the other criminals who died next to Christ were zealots, and because they were zealots, they were enemies of Rome.

One of these zealots was named Simon. This man decided to follow Jesus Christ. He began to realize that Christ came primarily to liberate the heart not the country. Something that is much more terrible than Roman bondage is THE BONDAGE OF SIN

The zealot movement never accomplished its purpose. In 70 A.D. the zealots so angered the Romans that the Roman army invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the city. The zealots did not succeed in setting their nation free.

The fact that Simon and Matthew were both disciples of Jesus is highly instructive. We cannot think of two men more opposite: Matthew was the TAX-GATHERER! Simon was the TAX-HATER! Matthew was the UNPATRIOTIC TRAITOR! Simon was the PATRIOTIC LOYALIST! Apart from Christ, Simon and Matthew would have been great enemies! The fact that these two men could be together, work together, eat together, serve together, and learn together is one of the great miracles of Christ’s transforming power.

1. Judas is Chosen (Luke 6:12 – 13)

Why? Jesus knew Judas from the beginning (Jn 6:64) Purpose for us to learn.

2. Judas the Thief (John 12:1-6)

When Mary came to the feet of Jesus she took the place of a slave. When she undid her hair (something Jewish women did not do in public), she humbled herself and laid herself at His feet. Of course, she was misunderstood and criticised; all she did was give her best to the Lord.

It was Judas who started the criticism, and, sad to say, the other disciples took it up. They did not know that Judas was a devil (John 13:27), and they admired him for his concern for the poor. After all, he was the treasurer; and especially at Passover season, he would want to share with those who were less fortunate (John 13:21-30). John 12:4 records Judas’ first words found anywhere in the four Gospels. The disciples trusted him, but he was a thief and was in the habit of stealing money from the money bag that he carried.

3. Judas is Unclean (John 13:5 – 11)

Jesus – wash = part of – Peters says wash = Bath – This represents Salvation. We are bathed..

John was careful to point out that Judas and Peter had a different relationship with the Lord. Jesus washed Judas’ feet but it did him no good because he had not been bathed all over. Some people say that Judas was saved and he sinned away his salvation, but that is not what Christ said. Our Lord made it clear that Judas had never been cleansed from his sins and was an unbeliever (John 6:64 – 71)

4. Judas at the Supper (Matthew 26:21 – 25)

Judas had hidden his real self well. The Lord already knew that he was a devil – John 6:70. The disciples did not suspect him. When the Lord said that someone would betray him no one called out the name of Judas. We can fool other people but not the Lord!

In Matthew 26:21 the Lord give Judas a chance. If he had repented of his sins he would have found forgiveness.

John 13:27 tells us that satan actually entered into Judas.

5. Judas Betrays (Matthew 26:47 – 56)

When Judas came up to Jesus, he kissed Him, and then Christ called him “Friend.” Judas had no heart for God, but God had a heart for him. The Lord loved His enemies, even Judas. He returned good for evil, probably nothing ever hurt Judas so much as that little word “Friend.”

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