Summary: This is the fill in the blank for the Bible study on Andrew from 12 Ordinary Men. See also notes from the Bible Study found in the series of sermons here.

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Note: This is a study from the book 12 Ordinary Men by John McArthur an excellent book. This is the fill in the blank outline from Adult Bible Fellowships of First Baptist Church Orion. This is not original but worth posting for study.

Twelve Ordinary Men: Andrews - the Apostle of Small Things

One of the two who heard John speak, and followed Him, was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. He first found his own

brother Simon, and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which is translated, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus. - John 1:40-42

I. Andrew’s Background

a. He is the least-known member of the most dominant _______________.

b. This is a bit odd in light of the fact that he was the ________ to be called by Jesus.

c. He and __________ were lifelong ____________ and business ____________ with the Zebedee brothers.

Together these men were the leaders of the Twelve.

d. It appears that the ________ brothers and the ______________ brothers had taken a sabbatica from their

fishing business and were following _______ the ____________ when Jesus first called them (John 1:35-42).

II. Andrew’s Introduction to Jesus

a. He met Jesus the day after John _____________ Jesus and proclaimed Him to be the “__________ of


b. When John the Baptist pointed Jesus out again, Andrew and John got the hint and went to meet Him. They

spent the evening at His place in conversation, probably about the ___________.

c. Based on this initial conversation with Jesus, Andrew believed that He was the ____________ and

immediately found _________ and brought him to Jesus.

III. Andrew’s Character

a. He lived his life in the ___________ of his better-known brother.

b. Apparently he did not __________ this fact.

c. He had the right heart for _____________.

d. He was the least ____________ of the first four apostles and also the most ___________.

IV. Andrew saw the __________ of individual people.

“Almost every time we see him in the Gospel accounts, he is bringing someone to Jesus.”

a. He brought __________ to Jesus (John 1:42).

b. He brought the boy with the ________ and __________ to Jesus (John 6:9).

c. He brought a group of ___________ to Jesus (John 12:20-22). This makes Andrew the first __________


d. Andrew’s willingness to evangelize in the _____________ is similar to the way that Edward Kimball had an

impact for Christ.

V. Andrew saw the value of insignificant _______.

When the other disciples were at a loss for how to feed 5,000 hungry people, Andrew simply brought the little boy’s gift to Jesus. As it turns out this was more than enough.

VI. Andrew saw the value of inconspicuous __________.

Some people won’t play in the band unless they can hit the big _________. James and John had that tendency. So did

Peter. But not Andrew. He is never named as a participant in the big debates. He was more concerned about bringing

people to Jesus than about who got the ________ or who was in ________. This is a lesson many __________ today

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