Summary: John writes about a group of people totaling 144,000 that will be witnesses during the great tribulation. We find in this chapter Angels, Jews and Gentiles.

Thousands of Witnesses

Rev. 7:1-8

When peace is taken away in the middle of the tribulation period there will be one traumatic event after the other that will take place.

These things that will happen is the wrath of God ref. Rev. 6:16 “Wrath of the Lamb”

Chapter 7:1 After these things follows the question in Rev. 6:17 “Who shall be able to stand”

1. The Angels

“Four angels holding the four winds of the earth…”

Fact: What we see here are angels given control over the forces of nature

See: Rev. 14:18 An angel with power over fire

And: Rev. 16:5 The angel of the waters

The angels here are bringing about calm until God seals His servants (witnesses).

See: Vs.2-4 Hurt not the earth…

Mention: Rev. 9:4 These sealed are protected from God’s wrath throughout the Great Tribulation. Ref. Rev. 12:13-14, John 3:31-33, 36 and John 6:27-29 Sealed by believing on Him

This is a great assurance for those who are in Christ today because the Bible tell us that we are sealed by the Holy Spirit.

See: Ephesians 1:12-14

And: Ephesians 4:30 sealed until the day of redemption

2. The Jews

See: Vs.4 144,000 of all the tribes of Israel

These are Jehovah witnesses but also all Jews! Not to be mistaken for the false witnesses

What we see here is 12,000 sealed from twelve tribes Vs.5-8

Compare to: Ezekiel 48:31-34 There is a difference in the names mentioned concerning the tribes.

Rev. 7:6 lists Manasses

Ezekiel 48:32 Lists Dan

Dan is one of the original 12 tribes but here doing the tribulation period they are not sealed as witnesses.

Speculation: Perhaps because of the past testimony of this tribe they are not used as witnesses

Dan: means judge

See: Genesis 49:16-17 They were call to do so but their achievement fell way short as previously prophesied by Jacob

See: Judges 18:30

And: 1 Kings 12:28-30 Dan was one of the first tribes to go into idolatry

Point: I cannot be dogmatic with this view because only God knows the reason why Dan is omitted in Rev. 7:5-8.

But if this is so what does this tell us about our testimony? Certainly if we are not living for Christ and representing Him it will have an impact on our effectiveness as a witness of the LORD.

Point: Nowhere in here does it mentions these 144,000 as the only ones going to heaven

3. The Gentiles

See: Vs.9 After this I beheld…of all nations

Here we now see a reference to Gentiles

Jews Gentiles

144,000 Not Numbered

Sealed on Earth Before the throne in heaven

Point: during the Great Tribulation there will be people saved (ref. Rev. 7:14) that have never heard and rejected the gospel of Christ (ref. 2 Thess. 2:10-12).

They will be martyred or die of starvation due to their testimony in Christ.

See: Vs.15-17 They shall hunger no more…

“God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes” Rev. 21:4

Question: Can you say with absolute assurance that when you die you will go to heaven?

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