Summary: All believers have sinned, but we have an advocate with the Father to ask for forgiveness. And, we are not to put anything between us and God.

In verses 16-17

• Commentators differ in thoughts regarding what the sin unto death is.

• Is it a physical death or a spiritual death?

• The Apostle Paul had written that a few Christians had died since they took communion disgracefully – 1 Corinthians 11:27-30

• Ananias and Sapphira gave up the ghost (died), when they lied to God – Acts 5:1-11

• Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit brings about spiritual death – Mark 3:29

• An individual who betrays Christ dies a spiritual death – Hebrews 6:4-6

• It may be the case that John was considering believers that had left the Christians fellowship.

• By rejecting the only way to salvation, people are putting themselves out of the reach of prayer – Hebrews 10:26

• Even if we knew what the 'sin of death' was, we cannot know if someone has committed it.

• We should continue praying for others, and let God be the judge.

• We can't ask that the sins of the remorseless and unbelieving ought to be excused them; or that leniency ought to be conceded to them, while they stubbornly proceed with such; be that as it may, we may appeal to God for their repentance, for their being advanced with faith in Christ.

• We ought to petition God for other people, just as for ourselves, importuning the Lord to absolve and recuperate the fallen, and to give ease to the enticed and distressed.

• Believers, when asked by other believers, should offer prayer and support – James 5:14-15

• John urges them to acknowledge that in spite of the fact that transgression is transgression, not all wrongdoings lead to death.

In verses 18-19

• All of humanity are isolated into two domains; that which has a place with God, and that which has a place with the devil.

• Genuine believers have a place with God, and they are of God; while the rest, are in the might of the devil – John 10:28-29

• This general affirmation incorporates all unbelievers, whatever their calling, station, or circumstance, or by whatever name they might be called.

• The Son drives believers to the Father, and they are in the affection and favor of both; in unification with both, by the inhabiting and working of the Holy Spirit.

• Cheerful are those to whom it is given to realize that the Son of God is come, and to trust and depend on Him.

• Christians that commit sins, request that God forgive them, and they keep on serving Him.

• God has liberated believers from subjection to Satan.

• God guards the believers from Satan's constant assaults.

• Except a sinner comes to know Christ, they choose the option to obey Satan.

• There is no center ground.

• Either believers have a place with God and obey Him, or they live under Satan's influence.

In verses 20-21

• Jesus came to earth to die for us to cover our sins.

• Jesus is completely God and completely human simultaneously.

John 1:1

Luke 24:45

• Our opinion of Jesus is key to our educating, preaching, and living.

• Through confidence and faith in Jesus, we can have everlasting life.

• May we be kept by God’s power through faith, unto unceasing salvation.

John 15:5

John 17:3

• An idol is whatever substitutes genuine faith for anything that denies Christ of His deity and His humanity, any human thought that professes to be more legitimate than the Bible, or any dedication that replaces God as the focal point of our lives – 1 Corinthians 10:7

• May this be our benefit; that we will therefore be kept from all false doctrines and idols.

• May we be kept from the idolatry of worldly things – 1 Thessalonians 1:9

• Who is Jesus Christ to you?

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