Summary: The second of five messages exploring the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6. Today's message, Etchings, takes a look at the 2nd & 3rd petitions, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

ETCHINGS • Matthew 6:10 • May 22 & 23, 2010


Introduction: Every follower of Christ must WRESTLE with the TENSION between earth and heaven. Jesus reveals that His kingdom and His will must be ETCHED in our hearts. If you recall, the first THREE petitions we find in the Lord’s Prayer are directed toward GOD.

1st Petition: Hallowed be your name

• Last week, God would make His name Holy in our lives, setting it apart…


• No problem setting apart things we consider sacred (examples →

• Tension is setting aside what we consider sacred for the holiness of His Name.

See Isaiah 6:1-8

2nd Petition: Your kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven.

• What is this request? It cannot be a request for God sovereignty to be exercised bc that is always the case.

• The reference to God’s Kingdom is to God’s saving reign. In one sense His saving reign is already in effect but we are also anticipation its future consummation.

• When God etches His kingdom on our hearts and we pray His kingdom come, we pray that God’s saving reign will be expanded even now, and much more, that God will usher in His kingdom upon Christ’s return.

• Rev. 22:20 – Last words of Jesus…

• That sounds great and it would be difficult to argue this within the context of a church gathering, however, there is an inner tension we experience when outside of a church gathering and living in the day-to-day.

* Tension of CONTROL

• This is not a petition to offer up like the hypocrites in an empty phrase. It’s not a petition to be uttered lightly or thoughtlessly.


• Throughout the centuries, followers of Jesus suffering horrific persecution have prayed this prayer with meaning and fervor.

• The comforts we enjoy today can disconnect us from praying with passion “Your Kingdom come…”

• It’s not that we have any objection to the Lord’s return… as long as He holds off a bit so we finish a degree, or let us experience marriage, or time to succeed in a profession, or grant us the joy of grandparenting.

• We must yield control of our lives, our plans, our agendas, our expectations to His sovereign and saving reign. God I long for YOU to return. I long for your Kingdom to come and be alive in me and through me, and Ultimately.

• ULTIMATE EXAMPLE: Isaiah 14:12-14.

• His will is opposite of God’s Will… that’s the tension (yielding to His)

3rd Petition: …your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

• Beautiful progression… as we pray His Kingdom come in fullness, His will shall be perfected without rebellion, without delay, without evil agencies at work.

• When Jesus returns and His Kingdom comes in its fullness, God’s will shall be completely fulfilled. However, those of us who by faith in JC now belong to the Kingdom are already under special obligation to fulfill His will.

MATT 5:20, surpassing righteousness is required to enter the kingdom. When His kingdom comes, there will not be a need to lay down guidelines for lust or hatred or hypocrisy or any other thing.

• And that should be our prayer, Lord would your will be accomplished now on earth as accomplished now in heaven. God would you work and move in such a way that we taste your Kingdom in this community by your will being accomplished in the lives of people. Not about establishing heaven on earth. But His Kingdom reigning within the lives of His people.

• If we are praying God’s will be done on earth, we are committing ourselves to two essential responsiblities:

• (1) We are committing to learn as much as we can about God’s will through the consistent and humble study of the Bible – His Word. We may say we hold to the authority of God’s Word but in so doing we must diligently study His Word.

• What do we learn of His will from Exodus and Ephesians? What are the themes of Galatians and Zechariah? How do the pictures of Jesus differ in Matthew & John and what are similar? What do we discover of God’s will through His word that prompts adjustment in our lives?

• (2) If my heart hungers for God’s will be done, then the heart of this prayer is by God’s power and grace, I will do His will as much as I know of it.

• I agree with Francis Chan, Forgotten God, we need to forget about asking the question What is God’s will for my life. God has never promised His will in advance. He is interested in faithful obedience to His Spirit in the moment.

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