Summary: Often we seach for something for the bulletin, or a brief thought for a minute message, here are some ideas.

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These Bulletin stuffers or short minute lessons are freely given,

permission is granted to us and you do not have to mention my name.

Freely I received, freely I give.

Much of life is a balancing act. If this observation was made then you should listen. I try to look at myself regular and evaluate how to improve and correct the weak areas. That is good they were honest... Moderation... It comes down to an issue of trust. They have to learn and apply and we have to give them room and space to grow... God says ask him, he will give wisdom... Well let us ask... Healthy God fearing children ....


I read recently that a study by the American Heart Association found that people that experience high levels of despair and hopelessness have a 20% great chance to develop atheroscherosis (narrowing of the ateries). The report said this negative thought pattern could do as much damage a a person smoking one pack of cigarettes a day. To focus beyond the troubles and trials of today and to reach for hope in faith could have health benefits? To focus on the negative could steal joy and make life even more painful. Consequices of choices?

I believe ... The truth will not always be appreciated by all, but yet I believe it must be spoken any way. Some say: YOU ARE PREACHING... I believe the word is true... It makes sense to me... Wish we all could see...

The skunk tormented the bull dog every time the dog walked by. One day someone suggested to the bull dog, why don't you just beat him up? The bull dog said: I know I could win if I fought the skunk, IT JUST WOULD NOT BE WORTH THE STINK. Wisdom learns this is not the hill to die on...?

Many things could make this world a better place... One of them would be to re-learn the lost art of listening. Seems we all know how to speak our mind... I think our Creator had a lesson by giving us two ears and one mouth. Be quick to hear and slow to speak... We understand how important communication is... ? But how much do we miss by not listening?

I see so much selfishness..and self-centeredness and people being mean to others. I once read how to discover if you are a VIP, a very important person... and if the world should bow at your feet. The test is easy to see if you are: Pour 16 ounces of water into a glass. Place your finger in the water. When you pull your finger out if an indention hole stays in the water your are more valuable than your friends. If the hole does not stay, you are just like the rest of us.

Many tears here... Someone say something nice to me? Please?

Why think having a test is so strange? How do you make in from kindergarten to first grade? Pass the test? How do you go from middle school to high school? Pass the test? How do you make from high school to college? Pass the test? Do you want you children to have a teacher that never had a test? Do you want a doctor that does not know where your gizzard is? Life is nothing more than a series of te...sting. Promotion comes after testing? So you think you should be exempt from test? Was Abraham and Job exempt, was Jesus? The book says: count it all joy when you have many, hard test? Expect seasons of testing? Study & Thrive ... Pass the test... Learn, be better... Find the purpose and do the best you can... Failure is not an option.

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