Summary: We respect earthly authorities out of our love for God

Respect for Authority

1 Peter 2:13-17

Today we are going to talk about respect for earthly authority. Who are some earthly authorities? The President, Governor, Police Officers, Military Officers, etc... God’s word give us direction for our relationship with these authority figures.

We are instructed to accept all earthly authority for the Lord’s sake. By doing this we bring honor to God. We give our respect to these authority figures out of our love for God. Realize that these authority figures have a purpose. The purposes outlined in these scriptures include the punishment of criminals (Romans 13:3)and honoring those who do right. When we are honored for doing what is right it brings honor and glory to God.

Realize that these authorities can only be given their authority by God (Romans 13:1,4).

It is God’s will that your lives be good. We should try to live our lives without fault or defect in the perfection of Christ. When we live our lives in such a way it becomes visible to others. The goodness of Christ in you will silence those who accuse you. The evidence of Christ in your life will disprove false accusations. The accusations will have no substance

We are commanded to live in freedom. The chains of sin have been broken and we are no longer enslaved. Our freedom is not an excuse to go out and sin. Our freedom was never meant to be a "get out of jail free card." Being free means being a slave to God. By being a slave to God we realize that our freedom comes from the tranformation wrought by Jesus in our lives. We also yearn to please God and seve Him.

These principles apply to all relationships. We need to offer respect to everyone. This doesn’t apply to just your friends, but also to your enemies. As brothers and sister in the body of Christ we are commanded to love one another. Loving one another also means that we must be willing to forgive, reconcile and watch out for one another. Would you not take extra care of your own family, because blood is thicker than water.

Finally the key to making it all work. Fear God. Look upon Him with awe, reverance and give Him the glory in all things.

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