Summary: Could He declare us to be faithful servants unto Him? • Are you as faithful to the Lord as you could be?

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Jan 12th 2014

“The Power of a Faithful Life” Gen. 39:7-23

Intro: Do You Know Who You Are?

• With God’s help, I will become myself”

• W/o God’s help, I will never become who I was meant to be.

• Perhaps life’s hardest question: “Do you know who you are?”

• Until you do, you’ll never really know where you fit in.

Once you know who you are, you can fit in anywhere.


When/sun sat each day on Joseph’s life, he could rest easy, because he has been faithful.

• When/home/father Jacob/been a faithful son.

• When/minded his father’s flocks/been a faithful worker.

• When he was sold to Potiphar/proved/faithful servant.

• Because he/been faithful/Lord blessed everything he did.


Passage, we/allowed to see/faithfulness of Joseph very clearly.

He remains faithful to His God/to himself, in the face of some problems that would cause many others to fail.

• Of course, there is a word here for our lives today.

As we pass through this life many situations will arise/have/potential to throw us off course.

• World/flesh/devil will conspire to get us to quit on God.

• They will do everything/their power/cause us to drop out

• To fall far short of our potential.

• God wants us to be faithful.

• Stay the course/run/race/His glory until He calls us home.

Joseph teaches us how to be faithful in spite of what we may face in this life.

• When last we saw our hero:

• Betrayed by his brothers/sold/desert traders

• took him to Egypt/sold him/man named Potiphar

• Head/Pharaoh’s security detail/far from home/slave Egypt.

• His brothers have abandoned him.

• His father thinks he’s dead.

As Genesis 39 opens, his future appears bleak indeed.

There is one fact—and only one fact—that should give us any hope that his story will turn out well.

• The Lord was with Joseph” (v. 2).

• That fact makes all the difference.



As Joseph ministered in Potiphar’s house, he caught/eye/ Potiphar’s wife.

• She began to flirt with him, v. 7.

After a short time, she became downright brazen in her approach, asking Joseph to “come to bed with her”

• He refused her advances, but she persisted, v. 10.

• Certain day, she was/house alone

• she grabbed him/outer garments “Come to bed with me”

• He didn’t mess around/didn’t flirt with trouble.

• He didn’t say, “How far can I go? He just said no!

• Joseph left his garment in her hand and ran away.

• In “trial by fire” remained absolutely faithful to the Lord.


Was/temptation to fulfill a natural and legitimate need

• Offer/Potiphar’s wife was/sex, pure and simple.

God made us sexual creatures and many people believe they have/right/satisfy their sexual desires/any fashion they choose.

• God has a different opinion.

Any sexual expression outside/boundaries/marriage relationship is either fornication or adultery.

• Sin against God/spouse/future spouse/yourself.

Joseph’s response/Potiphar’s wife/response we should all adopt when it comes to dealing with sexual sin

======================================= Joseph was a long way from home in a strange land

people/adopt/motto: “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

• A lot of people live like that.

• Salesman/do things/road he will not do at home.

• Young person do things/party they will not do at home.

• Joseph did not care where he was

• He was determined to do the right thing.

• He refused to violate/trust of his master and his God, v. 9

• His family would have never known.

• Potiphar might have never known.

• Joseph knew God in Heaven would know.

• That knowledge was enough to keep him pure. Pro. 15:3


Mrs. Potiphar was surely a beautiful woman

Egyptian women/renowned/day for their physical beauty.

• Surely she would have appealed to the male in Joseph.

• Nowhere/text does it say/he repulsed by her appearance.

• Nowhere does it suggest she/unattractive woman.

• Joseph was interested in more than simply gratifying his flesh.

• Determined to be faithful to God regardless/personal cost.

• decision he made long before he arrived in Egypt

• Decision he was determined to stand by.

• Times of temptation come our way, there is no choice in the matter; we have already decided what we will do!


It came on the heels of a big promotion

• A lot of people would assume that they had arrived.

• He had the favor of Potiphar/king of the roost/big house.

• He did as he pleased.

• Some people might have concluded

“I can do no wrong. I might as well enjoy the fruits of my labors.”

• But, not Joseph!

Temptation and failure are more real than ever, 1 Cor. 10:12.


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