Summary: 2 Timothy 3:16

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Here recently there has been people in our own denomination that have told me that I am missing out on a lot of important stuff by being a King James Bible only reader.

I first think that it is sad that a holiness denomination would think that way

But tonight I intend to prove just the opposite.

I thought instead of a typical message tonight we do a little bit of a topical study

On the importance of the King James Bible

I originally started doing this research as a personal study, but as I got in the study itself I learnt there was a message there that I wanted to share with all of you

As I began I have a True story here that shows why it matters what bible you use


The pastor got up to preach & his sermon began with "Please turn in your Bibles to..." Then the pastor began his sermon. One could hear pages turning all over the building. One father watched his son, barely 9 years old, proudly open his Bible. His father had told him, "Make a habit of knowing God's Word for yourself. Never take man's word for what it says. Read it yourself."

But as the pastor began reading, something was very wrong! The words didn't match, The youngster checked to be sure he had the right verse. Yes, that's the one. But the words just didn't match! The pastor was reading from a new translation and, to those with limited reading ability, it sounded like another book! The boy glanced at his father, made a helpless gesture and closed his Bible. The father stared at his Bible but he wasn't following either. In his mind he was on the way home trying to answer a little boy's questions without destroying his respect for his pastor or the Word of God. "Which words were really God's words, after all?" he wondered.

All over the auditorium, Bibles could be heard closing. The Word, for which so many had died, would go unread by the people. Instead, they would receive it from the lips of the "holy man," who surely understood which words were really God's. An overreaction? Maybe. That is, if one accepts the notion that the professional clergy knows best about spiritual matters, and are the only ones who can be trusted to find "truth."

As more and more Bible translations are published, fewer people preach the Word with confidence.

One preacher says it one way.

Another says, "I like mine better.

But what does God say? Thus saith The Lord that is what we need

we can't just choose a Bible which says what we want it to say, and still take it seriously as the Word of God?

the King James Bible was translated from the true text, in a word by word translation style

Therefore it gives us the true and error-free Word of God.

I say that Preachers need to recognize that using many different translations in the church undermines the people's confidence in the written Word

We need one standard text.

And it would certainly help to get the right one!

Which I say has always been & will always be the king james

I say if it's not broke it don't need fixed

The King james was first printed in 1611 and for over 400 years it has stood as the absolute word of God

It has been seen and accepted by people all over the world, including the best Bible Scholars of the day, as the Word of God.

But sadly since 1900 we have had well over a hundred or more new English translations of the Bible.

Each new Bible promises that it is the best, most accurate, and easily understood.

If each new translation that comes out is the best and most accurate, then what does that say for the last “best and most accurate” that the newest one replaced?

Often imitated but never duplicated

Let me give a few reasons why I use the King James Bible only

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