Summary: This devotion is about the deliverance the Lord brings to Jonah after he is thrown into the sea. This is the 21st of 31 devotions on the book of Jonah, where a comparison is made between Jonah and The Church-at-large, in the light of the present global pandemic.

Jonah 2:10 - So the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

“So the Lord spoke to the fish”

The words, “So the Lord spoke to the fish,” might seem fairy tale-like or present day cartoon movie-like where people speak with and have relationships with animals, birds or fish, but this is neither a fairy tale, nor is it a cartoon movie. It is the God who created the universe and every living being in it (including the fish), commanding His creation to do something on behalf of the crown of His creation – mankind

It’s only humans that can have a relationship with God, as it was only humans who were created in the image of God - in His likeness, to reflect His character / nature. Animals, birds, reptiles and fish were not created in God’s image, and therefore cannot have a relationship with God. Also, it’s only humans who possess a soul that lives on for eternity. And it’s this fact about humans that not only sets us apart from all of God’s creation, but it’s also what makes us so special to God – special enough that he would come down in the form of a human to save our souls from a lost eternity.

If God chooses to speak to any other part of his creation, animals, birds, sun, rain, wind etc. and command it to do what He desires, He can do that, but as in this case, it’s always on behalf of His people that God does this and not for no reason. Remember the parting of the Red Sea, Balaam and the donkey, the ravens that fed Elijah, the rain that God withheld and then sent during the time of Elijah, the sun that stood still during the days of Joshua, Daniel in the lions’ den, the winds and the waves that were calmed on several occasions during Jesus’ time on earth, the sun that stopped shining during Jesus’ crucifixion and more. All these were done by God and on behalf of humans. In this case too, we see God speaking to the fish, on behalf of a human named Jonah, but not only on account of Jonah, but eventually for the people of Nineveh and for us The Church as well, who have been and still are learning from his story.

Another interesting thing to take note of is that when God intervened in such supernatural ways, it wasn’t just to protect His people or to give them a sign, but so that His people would be a blessing to the whole world. When God parted the Red Sea, it was to save His people, the Jews, who would then be His vehicle instruments, through whom His Son Jesus would come into the world, so that the whole world had a chance to be saved. When the sun stopped shining during Jesus’ crucifixion, it was a clear sign to all the world that Jesus was the Son of God who had come to bring Salvation to the whole world. Let’s always remember that the Lord is not a magician to do things to impress people, but rather He is willing to do the impossible so that we can be His channels of hope to a world desperately in need of hope.

We The Church can recount countless instances in our own lives where the Lord intervened in supernatural ways to provide, protect or guide us, and if we look at the bigger picture we’ll realise that the Lord was doing something in our individual lives so that together we as The Church will be a witness to the world around of the amazingly loving, powerful, just, holy God we worship, and so we might invite them to belong to this amazing family. It was never for us alone that the Lord did what He did – He was doing it in and through us so that the world will be blessed. Let’s never forget this bigger picture of God’s plan for not just our lives, but for the whole world as well.

“…and it vomited Jonah...”

When God speaks, His creation obeys – all but humans though. If you noticed from the above instances of God speaking to His creation, every single time, they obeyed – not once was God’s command met with rebellion. Isn’t that interesting, that the part of creation that is not created in the image of God, with the ability to reflect His nature / character, is far more obedient to God than we humans who are created in His image?

As in the previous cases mentioned, in this case too, when God spoke to the fish, it obeyed and did what God intended – it vomited Jonah. Despite the fact that God caused the fish to ingest Jonah, He prevented the fish from digesting him. If God would have permitted that, then our story would have been over a long time back and we’d have nothing much to learn from it, except that rebellion has tragic consequences – and nothing more.

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