Summary: We look at the perspective of focusing in on problems and forgetting God.If you live in dirt, you will see alot of dirt.

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#2 Perspective Focusing on Problems:


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Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these THINGS shall be added.

We are pondering Perspective and how our point of view can effect the church, the family, as well as the individual.

Let us define perspective to better understand.

Perspective: choice of a view point; capacity to view things in their true relationship or relative importance; to look through; to see as it appears; illusion of depth and distance; mental view.

In the cycle of life, we must carve what will be our central perspective and direction.

Love, unity, and hope must be important.

Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these THINGS shall be added.

Many want to do battle over THINGS.

This might be a worm’s eye view.

Seems a worm can never see above the dirt?

I know many people that can’t seem to focus above the dirt.

I want us to focus on a DANGER ZONE ... when we focus on problems, or the worm’s view.

I guess a worm sees a lot of dirt and mud?

It is easy in life to develop the mental and spiritual attitude of forever focusing on PROBLEMS and CONFLICTS, thus seeing all the dirt.

This perspective can become a JOY KILLER and hinder the work of God.

The Bible records many of God’s greatest workers focusing on problems and conflict.

God had to get His people to focus beyond the problem and conflict to ever accomplish His Will.

As some read this, may the Holy Spirit help you see your focus is ALL WRONG, and your Faith must launch you into the depth and plan and purpose of God. Faith is a launch pad beyond the troubles of this world.

Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 9, and look at a man with the perspective of problems.

Saul was intensely focused on a problem.

For several days, Saul so focused on his PROBLEM that he worried the rest of his family.

Saul’s mind set was on the problem.

His problem was his dad’s donkeys.

For some reason the donkeys decided that the grass was greener elsewhere.

With the total focus on the problem, Saul refused, directly or indirectly, to realize the lost donkeys were in the "PLAN OF THE MOST HIGH."

God needed to get Saul away from the house and to the place of the ANOINTING.

God’s call to the ANOINTING ZONE, is not always by telegraph, telephone, snail mail, or email, some times it is by TELL THE THRONE!

We should be sensitive to this call to the anointing, but focusing on the problems will hinder the plan of God.

1 Samuel 9:20 SET NOT YOUR MIND ON THEM!!! (The lost donkeys.)

The word of God from the man of God clearly stated,

the man of God knew the problem also, lost donkeys.

So, now God’s man is trying to change the perspective of Saul focused on the problem.

1 Samuel 9:21 Saul now changes his perspective, and FOCUS NOW IS SET ON SELF AND HIS PERSONAL LIMITATIONS.

Saul set his perspective on him and his dysfunctional family.

I am a Benjamite, the smallest.

My family is the smallest of the smallest, why talk to me?

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