Summary: These messages rely heavily upon John McCarthur’s New Testament Commentaries, only the error are mine

3 Keys to enduring Trials

James 1: 4-12

We have already observed in our 1st message that joy and understanding are supernatural responses to trials. Joy is available through the presence of God in our trials and through our will to endure for Christ sake. Joy for a Christian does not depend upon circumstances. The word, “understand,” is equal to full knowledge through experience. Our experiences filtered through God and under girded by God’s word.

We know, by experience and based upon the truth of God’s word, that after the trial, after the test, after the suffering, after the affliction, our faith will be strong! Our faith will hold!

I. 1st. Key, a submissive will

A. The only way out of a trial is to go out the other side.

B. God does not promise a way out, but a way through.

C. Submission is not a suggestion it is a necessity.

a. You will go through trials

b. You may go through the trial with God or without God

c. You determine by your will, which it will be.

D. Experience of our own past trials, or the experience and witness of other believers, or the experience of the testimony of God’s word leads us to “Know” and to “fully “ understand that we can rejoice in trial

a. Trials can not harm us

b. Trials are for our good (Rms. 8:28)

1. To strengthen our faith

2. To humble us

3. To wean us

4. To call us to a heavenly hope

5. To expose our true love

6. To learn hoe to value God’s blessings

7. To develop strength for future battles

8. To prepare for ministry

c. Knowledge produces joy in trial

1. When the trial has had it’s “perfect work”

a. Not moral perfection

b. Not Spiritual perfection

c. Not sinless perfection

2. Perfection (maturing) of endurance and perserverence to the glory of God

II. Key 2, a believing heart

A. Godly belief

a. A strong, sound faith based on the experience and knowledge of God, not emotions or feelings, or law

b. Love without law is emotionalism

c. Law without love is legalism

d. Knowledge of God’s word applied in our lives through trials produces Godly wisdom

e. Trials must drive us to seek God’s wisdom

1. Solomon, Proverbs 3:5-7

2. Job 28:12-28

f. Trials must cause us to enhance our prayer life. VS 5

1. Ask

2. God will give without hoarding, without reproach

3. “Let him ask”, imperitive, not good advice but a command, quickest way out is to learn quickly, Proverbs 2:1-12

4. “In faith without doubt”, ask in faith of God’s character, promises, purpose

III. 3rd, a humble Spirit

A. James addresses the economically challenged, the most common denominator among his audience (retired pastor J.P. Skinner said, “I started with nothing, and after 50 years of ministry I have most of it left.”)

a. Despite your poverty, your circumstances

b. “Glory”, rejoice, boast

c. Brag about Jesus, not your situation

B. Materially poor, are rich in blessings, have the right to come to God in trial. Material rich have the same blessings in trials

C. God is the great equalizer.

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