Summary: What does it take to be a True Disciple of Christ. How can we express our faith in ways that are real and relevant?

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Adding Depth To Your Wak of Faith

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever looked at a paintin that was unrealistic and 2 dimensional? They fail to communicate depth and look fake and superficial. THis is especially the case when children draw pictures. Everything seems to bhe suspended on the page and all the objects are 2 dimensional and flat. THat is because the children have yet to learn how to communicate depth in their work.

This is a problem with young Christians as well. WE have yet to learn how to communicate the depth of our fait and so we seem to be superficial and lacking depth. Our faith, to the world, looks very unrealistic and fake.

A good artist will use various techniqhues to create a sense of depth in his work. This draws the observer into his heart and work. It seems real and engaging. THis is what we must do as God’s people. We must discover how we can truly "draw" others into God’s Kingdom.

Ephesians 2 tells us that we are saved by grace through faith. Then Paul goes on to say that we are His (God’s) workmanship created in Christ Jess unto good works. We are the work of God. We are his painting, if you will. We are the artwork that he uses to invite the world into His Kingdom.

Why else are we here. Consider: Why didn’t God just beam us home the moment we wee saved? Why not that day, or even that week. You may say, to tell others about our experience. This is true, but I could certainly tell everyone I know w/in a week of beingsaved. So why the wait? Because we are hids workmanship. We are to show forth the praises and glory of God on earth that God’s truth and holiness may be seen and admired by all.

We are here as Ambassadors For Christ - according to the Apostle Paul. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation. Let me ask you, who wants to be reconciled to a God whose peopleare fakes and phonies and superficial? No one wants to join a bunch of 2 dimensional stick people!!!

Here is our problem. Much of the modern day church is superficial, self help, glad handing, back slapping, mask wearing art. The early church found great success and growth, but did so by becoiming true disciples of Christ.

I have titled todays message: 3-D CHRISTIANITY.

Read TEXT: LUKE 9:23-26

the Goals of today’s message:

1. To reveal the calling of God that we may clearly see our despertate need tp surrender ourselves wholly rto the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. To realize that True Discipleship is costly, but effective.

3. To recognize the depth of ourrelationship with Jesus Christ.

The Blessings of True dIscipleship:

1. Our WALK with God is more REAL.

2. The WORK of God is moe REWARDING

3. The WORD of GOd is more RENEWING

4. Our WITNESS for God gets more RESPONSE.

5. Our WORSHIP of GOd is more RELEVANT.

I may cover hese things at a later time. Today I want you to see hw you can become a True Disciple of Christ

To Be a True Disciple One Must


(Verse 23a)

A.What does it mean to deny ones self?

B. Some think it means to deny yourself of necessities.

C. Some think it means to deny yourself of pleasures.

D. Martin Luther certainly discovered that you cannoyt make yourself worthy of God’s Favor

E. Neither of these is correct. The truth is God will meet your needs (see Matthew 5-7) and he intends that you have a life of joy and fulfilment. Denying yourself the things you need or walking around refusingto have fun and enjoy life is NOT the self denial that Christ speaks of!

F. Jesus is calling us to lay aside our SELFISHNESS




4.Habits, etc.

Peoplewho are obsessed with possessions and material gain are shallow and superficial. Ofthese, Christians are he worst!!Christians who have fallen into this "Worldly" trap are simple being CONFORMED to the image of this world, pressed into the world’s mold. (See Romans 12:1-2) These worldly Christians are simply "Stickmen floating on a page."

We are to Present ourselves to God - (ROMANS 12:1-2)

This is giving ourselves up, yielding ourselves, denying our own selves. I am not my own!

To Be a True Disciple One Must


(Verse 23b)

A.What does it mean to take up your cross?

B.To take up your cross is to become a living sacrifice.

C.Why must it be daily?

D.This sacrifice is continual. Christ made one sacrifice for all and then sat down at the right hand of the father. His sacrifice is continual and affectual for the sanctifying of God’s people. We realize this sanctification as we continually offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. This continually and progressively brings is into a greater awareness and participation in God’s Holiness. Through this offering we learn to sacrifice more and more of ourselves to God.

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