Summary: That’s me in the spotlight-- LOSING MY RELIGION

1 JOHN 4:13-18

This morning ---Talking about FEAR FROM RELIGION

Religion in it’s simplest Greek meaning----

Doing out of Duty

Martin Luther, “even in it’s most sincere form, Religion is man made.”

You can religiously do a lot of things

Drink religiously

Diet religiously

Be rude religiously


So as Christians if our goal is to be religious-----DOING IT OUT OF DUTY

In the more literal translations: NKJV, NAS, NIV, KJV,---The world religion only used 5 times----IN THE WHOLE BIBLE

Of those 5 times---Acts 25&26---Talking about Judaism—all out of DUTY

Colossians 2--- Self imposed religion---Out of DUTY

2 times in James, WE”LL GET TO THOSE IN A MINUTE

All Religion does is INTERFERE with a RELATIONSHIP

I have given up trying to live my life out a duty

And have given my life to HAVE a relationship WITH JESUS CHRIST

So this morning---WE ARE LOSING OUR RELIGON!!!!!

1. If you think God just wants your obedience---need to lose

Don’t hear what I’m not saying

But if Your only link to God is reading BIBLE----

Have no relationship

Relationship comes from getting to know someone----ONE on ONE

Prayer, Listening, Quiet Times, Worship

Romans 2:17-24

Stolen---joy, peace, ---Adultery---Look, lust, put things before God---Rob---Giving of yourself, resources,,Keeping those to yourself---Throw the Bible in peoples face---You’re NOT DOING IT ALL

Most people think BIBLE’S a big book of Do’s & don’ts

And for the most part----- it is

The Lord say, “Keep my commandments” “Obey me” “Follow me”


Jesus says, “This is eternal life, That You know me” JOHN 17:3

If you know Him, Obedience will take care of itself

Christians carrying a Bible---Like that’s a way to have a relationship

We become about the Bible----Like The Jews were about the Law

Because religion and Law, Is easier that knowing, loving, ONE ON ONE


You can learn of Jesus his Goodness and YOU SHOULD READ AND STUDY

He didn’t say, “This is eternal life…..READ ABOUT ME”

When you have a relationship----It’s easy to live this life as a CHILD OF GOD

James 1:26-27----Not saying, DO THIS AND YOU’LL BE HOLY

What you should do out of duty is: widows, orphans, out of the world

No relationship involved, DO IT---CUZ I SAID SO

2.If your salvation no longer Brings You JOY---

Need to lose/ religion

Psalm 52:12----Isaiah 12:3

People don’t hear what you say------

People hear what they see

If you have seen your Spiritual life go from joy---

To turmoil and confusion

Religion Has robbed you---There is no turmoil or confusion in JESUS

So you’ve lost your relationship----LOST YOUR JOY

Bro Shane, “how are you so fired up, SUN after SUN---

My relationship with JESUS—Let’s me keep the joy of my salvation

I don’t Focus rules, There are rules---I don’t focus on duties, there are duties

I focus on teaching you to have a relationship with JESUS CHRIST


On the Road to Damascus SAUL gave up religion TOOK UP RELATIONSHIP

Paul thought he know it all, studied it all

Philippians 3:1-11

He tells them to rejoice---then tells why He’s rejoicing

3.If your too stubborn to love---Lose/ religion

Romans 14:13-23

We should be assembling ourselves, despite differences

We should be sensitive to people, despite our beliefs

Religion makes us bull headed,

If we don’t agree on every little point, TAKE OUR MARBLE AND GO

That’s not how Christ works

That’s not how Paul worked

Freedom Fellowship is not a non denominational church

Inter---We are sensitive to all, and want to be a stumbling block to none

“What do you stand for then” ---Jesus Christ, Him crucified, Loving God, Loving each other----BY that all will know we are his disciples

Religion can’t make you victorious---JESUS CAN

Religion can’t forgive Your sins------JESUS CAN

Religion can’t rise from the dead ----Jesus CAN

Religion can’t set you free------------JESUS CAN

Religion can’t give you eternal life—Jesus CAN


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