Summary: Here is a Sermon for Everyone Some sermons to convert the lost Some sermons to feed or correct believers This one’s for you

Three People Present Today

1 Corinthians 2:14-3:4

I. Introduction

A. Here Is a Sermon for Everyone

1. Some sermons to convert the lost

2. Some sermons to feed or correct believers

3. This one’s for you

B. Three Kinds of People

1. The natural man (v. 14)

2. The spiritual man (v. 15)

2. The carnal man (3:1)

C. Who Are These Representative People?

ll. Body

A. The Natural Man (v. 14)

1. Paul’s message and method (vv. 1-13)

a. His message was Christ and Him crucified (v. 2)

b. His method was preaching in the power of God (vv.3-4)

c. He wanted to reach the "natural man"

2. The natural man has not been born again

a. He cannot understand spiritual things

b. They are foolishness to him

3. The Bible is a dark book to the natural man

4. The destiny of the natural man is destruction

5. The need of the natural man is salvation

a. All people are naturally lost (Rom. 3:23)

b. All lost people can be saved (John 6:37; ..

Rom. 10:9, 13)

B. The Spiritual Man (v. 15)

1. The spiritual man was once a natural man

2. Salvation through faith in Christ transfonned him

a. Once doomed; now delivered

b. Once lost; now found

~. Once bound for hell; now bound for heaven

3. The Holy Spirit teaches the spiritual man (vv. 11-13)

4. The spiritual man discerns (understands) all things

a. Sees God at work in the world

b. Sees God at work in his or her life

5. He is not understood by others .

a. The warning of Jesus (John 15:18-20)

b. Peter’s explanation (1 Peter 4: 12-14)

6. The spiritual man has the mind of Christ (v. 16)

C. The Carnal Man (3:1-4)

1. The carnal man is confused

a. The natural man lives for the moment

b. The spiritual man lays up treasures in heaven

c. The carnal man tries looking both ways

2. Contradictions of the carnal man

a. He knows what is right but doesn’t do it

b. He knows the world is lost but clings to it

c. He is like Lot lingering in Sodom

3. The carnal man needs full commitment to Christ

ID. Conclusion

A. Which Person Are You?

B. Christ Will Meet You Where You Are

B. He Will Make You the Spiritual Person You Ought to Be

D. It’s Your Move

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