Summary: Questions for application in small group Bible study

Romans Chapter 1: 18 – 32 The Sinfulness of Man

Opening thoughts. (reading)

Read Passage.

Verse 18

Paul speaks here about the Wrath of God, which we take to mean anger. Is it right to be angry?…….


Describe the last time you got angry? We’re you in control? What was the result?

What do you think God’s anger is like?

Why is God’s Wrath being revealed?

Verses 19 & 20.

Why are men & women “without excuse” before God?

What does Creation say to you about God? Examples…..

Verses 21 – 32.

Do all humans know God?……. How can we reconcile this with Galatians 4:8?

Why is knowledge dangerous?

How is God’s Wrath revealed?




Three stage slide into depravity

1. Verses 21-24

Failed to do what? Leading to?

2. Verses 25 – 27

Failed to do what? Leading to?

3. Verses 28 – 32

Failed to do what? Leading to?

What is the conclusion (God’s judgement) on this condition (verse 32)?


1. What sins do you need to work on resisting?

2. What do you know about God that would help you keep out of this downward spiral? (1Cor 10:13)

Key verses Romans 1: 16 & 17.

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