Summary: Overview of the 3 times Jesus cried in Scripture. Purpose: Encouragement & Challenge Weak or Unsaved

3 things that make Jesus cry


1.John 11:32-37

When everybody else around was weeping so was he

John 11:4- knew that it would turn out for God’s Glory

Cause of Jesus’ weeping: To see other people hurting, weeping

We see other suffering and we empathize

Jesus feels what we feel. He weeps when we weep.

He walks with me & he talks with me

2.Luke 19:41-44

Approaching Jerusalem, the city that would kill & reject Him & began to weep over him

Test of True Love: How you react to those who reject you

High School- out do the insults “Oh, yeah?!?!”

He wept over those that I would be tempted to gloat over

3.Hebrews 5:7

He cried when He prayed

Plural- more than once

He was so broken, such love for us he weeps for us when he cries

Don’t take them out of the world but protect them- John 17:15


So where are you at today?

Is Christ weeping with you today?

Do you have no idea how you are going to make it?

You come to school, smile, but inside you are hurting?

If so, I’m gonna ask that you just give it to Christ and say take this burden, it’s too heavy for me.

Is Christ weeping for you tonight?

Are you heading down a path of destruction?

Are you sold out to God or are you holding back not ready to give it all up?

Are you lost tonight? Do you know where you’ll spend eternity? C’mon and talk to someone and we will show you how you can know where you’ll spend eternity.

(This is a reworking of a message preached by Jim Cymbala at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in NY.)

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