Summary: Looking at fellowship and how we overlook so much of what it means to us as Christians, but really Christianity offers something no other "religion" does, true fellowship.

The Genius of Christianity!

Story of Linda and Whitehorse

Community is the genius of Christianity

-having areas of interest in common, sharing things

Acts 2:42

Koinonia- sharing, participation, contribution

Let’s study this more! Acts 2:44-47

Where is the community in this passage?

V. 44- in common (Contribution)

Not gather up and give it all away

But “it’s yours if you need it”

We are responsible for the welfare of our brothers

Pentecost (besides evangelism)

-needed a place to stay

-rejected by Jews

V. 45- shared (Sharing)

Everything was shared “as one had need”

Not passed out equally to all

Some needs were greater than others

V. 46- one mind (Participation)

See how they worked together

They were involved in each other’s lives

Today- some don’t even know what’s going on

Grape vine (gossip)

How would you have responded?

If you’re missing out on this, you might be missing out on more

1 John 1:3-7

Fellowship, community with God comes first

- good relationship, same page, goals & mindset

Why is this issue so important today?

I mean we have donuts each week right?

Shake hands with 2 who aren’t in your clique!

Individualism in society

We weren’t created for individualism

We were created for community

Not independence, but interdependence

1 Thess. 5:11; Heb. 3:13; Acts 15:32

The genius of Christianity is its community

There is no other faith that is this interwoven

What does this have to do with me?

You may be looking for a place to call home

A place to find hope and love

A community of people who love and support you

You may already be here and just not participate

Your priorities may not be allowing it


Give up one priority

Practice putting fellowship in its place

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