Summary: 5 Fold Ministry - Is what God is using to day to build the Church. They are to actively train and equip the saints so the saints may be able to do the work God has for the Church These gifts are given by Jesus

5 fold Teacher David & Phyllis Roch

5 fold teachers teach truth from the word of GOD by the revelation of GOD through the power of the Holy Spirit. They have a strong heart understanding and love for the word GOD - Being extremely careful to rightly divide the word of God. There are two main types of 5 fold teachers 1. Researchers of truth 2. Teachers of truth. With some having a combination of the two. These 5 fold teachers are committed to and a part of a local church, That over time they will be coved in prayer, be supported, accountable, trained, recognised (other 5 fold ministry is needed as well at this stage), anointed then released by that local Church to begin to function locally, some will function and be accepted worldwide.

1. What they do:

a. Teaches truth from the word of God when and where needed.

i. Accuracy is the key for this gift.

a. 2Ti 2:15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

ii. Revelation from God on what to teach how to teach even when to teach.

iii. Timing is sometimes very important.

b. Corrects error in truth using the word of God.

i. Sometimes people have had some truth taught in the wrong way or wrong motives. Then the 5 fold teacher comes in and helps refocus the teaching.

ii. Sometimes has to un-teach to re-teach

1. Example the gifts that include the motivational gifts, accession gifts, fruit of the spirit, and 5 fold all lumped into one. Spiritual gift inventory.

iii. Round out to fullness a teaching already being taught.

a. Acts 18:24-26

c. Able to teach Godly Biblical truths in simple ways that the body of Christ will understand and be able to use.

2. Two main types many sub types.

a. Teachers who teach.

b. Teachers who research.

3. What qualifies them:

a. Part of a local Church.

b. Have had an encounter with the living GOD.

i. This may happen at any age even younger and may be just before conversion.

c. Years of training.

d. Heart for the Bible.

e. Able to research the word accurately

4. Who qualifies them?

a. God - By a direct call or revelation from GOD.

b. Their local body.

c. Their own character.

d. Other 5 fold recognised ministries.

5. How to recognise a 5 Fivefold teacher.

6. They have the anointing to call, equip, train, recognise people with the teaching gifts

7. They recruit train call equip train mentor anoint and release young 5 fold teachers

8. Works with other 5 fold ministries by:

a. Helping discern other gifted people to see if they teach truth.

i. There could be another 5 fold gifted person who needs help with their doctrine.

9. Encourager of other gifted people to have a love for the word of GOD.

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