Summary: Have you ever tried to talk to someone who didn’t speak english? Why do we raise our voice and use sign language, that person in not deaf, they speak a different language. Dr. Gary Champman says there are 5 different love languages. This is a two week s

5 Love languages

Part 1

What happens to love after the wedding

Someone said, “Love is a dream and marriage is the alarm clock.”

*Definitions for men

Just about every magazine published regularly has articles on how to keep love alive

101 ways to keep your marriage happy

With all of the books, talk shows, and magazines available, you would think that there the rate of happy marriages would be high in America.

Here is what happens to the person who reads the article “101 ways to express love to your spouse”

They pick a couple of ways that seem to be a good idea to them, and like a kid with a new bat they go for it.

After trying them our spouse doesn’t even acknowledge our effort

So we forget the other 98 ways and go back to life as usual.

The simple yet profound answer to that question is that people speak different love languages

In the world of verbal communication, most of us grow up learning the language of our parents.

If you where born to a Spanish speaking family chances are you native tongue will not be Swahili

Later in life you may learn additional languages

French, German, Redneck,

But usually with allot of effort

We speak and learn best in our native language.

The more we use the second language the easier it becomes, we still sometimes rely on pointing, or grunting, or acting out our words

It is a nobrainer if we are going to speak effectively across cultural line we must learn the language of those we wish to communicate.

It is the same in the languages of love

If you only speak Chinese and your spouse speaks dutch then you will never be able to communicate love to her.

There is good news and bad news

The bad news is you have probably been speaking the wrong language of love to your spouse, or children, or friends

The good news is that there is only 4 other languages total that you have to learn

The most important thing is to speak the primary love language of your spouse.

One couple said they had no love for each other anymore

She said he never did anything around the house

He said All she does is complain, I tell her I love her, I tell her how lucky I am to be her husband, I tell her that I need her.

She says I keep the house immaculate for him, iron all of his clothes, take the kids to school everyday, I cook every night, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate me, I ask him to do a few simple things and he blows me off

These two are speaking two different languages

We generally speak our native language so if your native language is acts of service, then that is what you will speak (that is how you will show love)

When this wife was saying I love you, she was doing it by her actions.

So when he did not respond in the same language, she thought he didn’t love her

He on the other hand, He says all she does is complain, she never tells me I’m making her happy, or anything, all she does is complain.

He is speaking the language of words of affirmation when he tells her how special she is, and how proud he is to have her as his wife.

Because he is speaking that language, he expects to hear that language that’s why when she complains about this, or that it devastates him.

Then they say they have “fallen out” love

Let’s talk about this four-letter word, LOVE

Thousand of songs, movies, books and magazines are peppered with that word, LOVE

Love was so important that Christ himself said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”

Love is among the most basic of human needs

For love we will climb mountains cross-seas, traverse deserts, and endure untold hardships

With out it, Mountains become unclimbible seas uncrossible, and deserts unbearable and hardships become the story of our life

Paul the apostle even said that all human effort is worth nothing in the end without love”

Even greater than faith, and hope love is.

Even though it is a word of utmost important for our existence, it is a very confusing word.

We say we love hotdog, and then our mother

We love objects, like cars, boats, and bikes

We love hobbies, fishing, hunting, and shopping

We even fall in love with love.

If that’s not confusing enough we use it to describe behavior,

“I did it because I love her”

That explanation is given for all kinds of actions

*A man is involved in an adulterous relationship, He calls it love,

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