Summary: These messages rely heavily upon John McCarthur’s New Testament Commentaries, only the error are original

Oh Behave

James 1:19:21

Here we have the 3rd test of a true believer. 1st we saw A response to trials, 2nd a response to temptation, now we have a response to God’s word

I. True believing faith produces an affection for the Word of God, Ps. 42:1

A. A new born doesn’t have to be taught to desire food

B. Spiritual hunger is a natural response to the new birth

1. John 8:31

2. Mark 4:24

3. II Cor 10:5

C. God’s word is not passive

1. God’s word is the power of salvation

2. God’s word is the power of the new birth

II. 3 attitudes needed to rightly receive God’s word. Submission, purity, humility

A. “This you know” refers back to previous

1. God’s word has the power to regenerate

2. God’s word has the power to cause us to be the first fruits

B. James presents God’s Word as:

1. 18 the word of truth

2. 21 the implanted word

3. 22 the word

4. 23 The mirror

5. 25 the perfect law of liberty

C. II Tim. 3:16

1. Word of God not JUST for salvation

a. beneficial for teaching

b. beneficial for reproof (evidence, conviction)

c. beneficial for correction

d. beneficial for training in righteousness

2. Why? So we can be equipped for every good work

3. Ps.19:7-8, Law of the Lord is God’s Word

a. it is perfect

b. it restores the soul

c. it is certain

d. it makes the simple to be wise

e. its precepts are true

f. it rejoices the heart

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