Summary: God is worthy of our trust in all situations.

Title: The Great Unknown

D.T.: God is worthy of our trust in all situations.

- I don’t know about you... but I am a Star Trek fan. In fact, one of my favorite child hood memories is going to see almost all of the Star Trek movies with my Dad. As soon as it was released to the theatres, he and I would quickly purchase our tickets, and be in our seats to watch some sci-fi action.

- This past weekend, I had the privilege of watching not only one, but two Star Trek movies... which means I had a successful Christmas holiday. And whether or not you are a Trekkie, we are all familiar with the well known quote from the Captain Kirk....

"These are the voyages of the USS Enterprise... to boldly go where no man has gone before."

- Don’t we all feel that way sometimes. That we are boldly going where no man or woman has gone before. That we are heading into the great unknown. Here we are just one day away from the 21st century... this time it will really be the 21st Century. And as we head into a new millenium, a new century, a new year... we are surrounded with so many unknowns.

- A new president finally. How will he lead us? What decisions will he make that will effect us and so many others? A new economy? Will there be enough for me when I retire? How will I take care of my kids and their college education which gets more and more expensive every year? Will the farm prices ever go back up?

- And then there are the great unknowns that are in our personal lives. How will my kids turn out? Will they graduate from college, will they be godly men and women? Will they die their hair purple and get a tatoo across their forehead? Will I have the same job at the end of 2001 that I have at the beginning of the year? How am I going to take care of my sick mother or father? Will my parents divorce? Will I get a divorce? Will I ever be healthy again? And on and on the questions of the unknown go.

- And whenever we face the Great Unknown, there are certain emotions that fill us. Fear, anxiety, excitement, stress. But, the reality is life is full of unknowns. Life is filled with twists and turns, bends and curves. Sometimes our life is like an interstate running through the middle of Kansas, and we can see for miles ahead. We know exactly what’s coming. But then other times, our life is like the ---- which weaves through the Rockiest parts of the Rocky Mountains. Up and down, left and right. You never know what lies around the next corner. The Great Unknown. We’ve all been there.

- That is why our next sermon series is going to be so important for all of us. We are going to be exploring the life a man of God who lived is life on the brink of the Great Unknown. He was a man just like you and me, a man who struggled with fear and depression. A man who experienced moments of questioning and doubt. But in the midst of all the unknowns, God taught him a valuable lesson... He is Worthy to be trusted no matter the situation. And the God of Elijah is our God too. He is worthy to be trusted no matter what good or bad may come your way. He is worthy of our faith and trust. And that is why this sermon series is entitled... "Learning to Trust." Because it is a one day at a time, one choice at a time lesson that we all learn. We learn to trust God each day of our lives.

- That was certainly the case Elijah. He was learning to trust God, learning to rely on him, to put his faith in him in each and every circumstance that came his way. His story is found in I Kings 17-19, and II Kings 2. And we learn a little bit about the circumstances facing him in I Kings 16:29-33. While you look that passage up, Elijah was a prophet to the people after the Kingdom of Israel had divided when Solomon passed away. Why did they divide... well can you believe it was over taxes. That is why they split apart, because of taxes... not much has changed in 2800 years. So now, when Elijah comes on to the scene, you have a Northern Kingdom called Israel or Samaria, and you have a Southern Kingdom called Judah. Elijah is in the North. And the King of the Northern Kingdom is King Ahab.

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