Summary: Should we be surprised how people treat Jesus Christ and Christians today?

How do people deal with Jesus Christ?

In our passage today, we will note 5 types of people responding to Jesus Christ; open your Bibles to Mark 14

Read along with me Mark 14:53-72…..

Let’s start with this question, Who is Jesus Christ??

Let us not miss what v55 implies! v55: supports 2 Corinthians 5:21…. For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

Jesus Christ never sinned in spite of all the temptations of the world and the devil!

Jesus Christ could not have been the perfect sacrifice for our sins if He had sinned. All sinners will be judged by God; only a sinless One can present us to a Holy God!

v61-62: Messiah – Christ = Anointed One – Savior!

Son of the Blessed One, Son of Man = Son of God who became human!

Sitting at the Right Hand of God, after death and resurrection to happen!

Will return to earth to judge!

And so what type of people responded to the person and God Jesus Christ?

v53-63: Although they were intellectuals and leaders of society and they had knowledge of Jesus Christ, they rejected the truths about Christ! Why??

The intellectuals and the leaders of society rejected Jesus Christ because they didn’t want their own agenda to be disrupted or changed. Simply, the intellectuals and community leaders rejected Jesus Christ for selfish reasons! They desired to be their own god! If we think about it, all who do not believe in Jesus Christ basically want themselves to be their own gods.

v56-59?? - False Testifiers! Stories were made up about Jesus Christ!

v64-65?? - There were violent haters!

And what do we see in Peter in v66-71? – Although a Believer/Follower, Peter publicly denied Jesus Christ out of fear!

And so, we noted 4 types of people responding to Jesus Christ: the rejecters, the false testifiers, the violent haters, and the public denier! But there is one more type of person in our passage responding differently to Jesus Christ. What is the last type of person responding to Jesus Christ??

Again through Peter, we can note in v72: a repentant heart to Jesus Christ!

And so, how do we apply these truths from this passage in Mark 14?

1. We should not be surprised with how people today respond to Jesus Christ!

Are there intellectuals and community leaders today who reject Jesus Christ?

Are there people today who will make up false stories about Jesus Christ? What are some examples??

Are there people today are violently against Christianity? FB e.g.

Are there people today wo would publicly deny Jesus Christ because of fear?

And let us note what Jesus said in John 15:20 “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” And so,

2. We should not be surprised of opposing people to Christians!

Let us note, Jesus kept quiet until asked, then He shared the direct truth! We should respond to opposing people like Jesus did!

Jesus was not weak. Jesus was meek! Jesus had power under control! How meek are we? Only by yielding to God the Holy Spirit can we have power under control! If we are not meek, we are weak!

3. Like Peter, we are to always have a repentant and humble heart before Jesus Christ!

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