Summary: Stewardship of all God has given us includes the right use of time. How can you use time wisely?

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Dr. Russell Brownworth, D.Min., Pastor


June 20, 2004

A Father’s Day message


So teach us to number our days,

That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 (NASB)

I love what the fabled American humorist Will Rogers said, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”[1] One of the primary reasons that statement makes so much sense is the nature of time. Time is only by permission of God. That is because the Creator of all we see and know also created time.

For us time is a non-renewable resource. Once a moment has passed, it can never be renewed…it is gone! Time can be extended in the sense that we can eat better, quit our bad habits and maybe live a few more years; but time can never be recaptured.

The fact that God gave us time is reason enough that we must treat it with the same approach to all of life which is our gift. That approach is summed-up in our statement of the fifth pillar of building Kingdom families about using time wisely:

Pillar #5. Using Time Wisely

Time is a resource given to each person by God. My use of it, especially in matters related to my family, reflects my esteem for God. One day, I will give an account to Him for how I have spent the time He entrusted to me. As I order my life in concert with His will, I will discover that I have sufficient time for personal growth through prayer, for the study of God’s word, and for fulfilling every God-given responsibility related to my family.

Time! Have you ever heard anyone wish he had less of it? Have you ever heard anyone over the age of 30 say how slowly it passes? People use time, waste it and spend it. Einstein had a theory of it, and people even study how others use it. There is even an international Association of time-use researchers.

Ever wonder how adults spend their time? One study showed how 18-64 year-olds spend their minutes each day. Included were, Sleeping, working, watching TV, housework, travel, eating, socializing, recreation, childcare, dressing, washing, reading, relaxing, etc. Significantly, perhaps, worship and devotional activities did not appear in the studies.[2]

Time is non-renewable, once-gone, forever lost. The sayings are legion:

You cannot cry over spilled milk.

Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow a promissory note; only today is ready cash.

What’s done is done.

So, what can be done with time? The Bible tells us that time is redeemable (Ephesians 5:16)! How do you redeem time? One definition of “redeeming” is literally to “buy back” something. It is what happened when Jesus died for our sins. We were lost, captured prisoners of sin. Jesus bought-back our liberty with his blood.

On this Father’s Day it is a fitting subject, how to glorify God in the time with which He has blessed each of us.

I believe the key for redeeming time is found in two texts placed side-by-side:

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