Summary: Jesus is the Living Stone.

Living Stone

1 Peter 2:1-12

I. Nourishment

A. Get rid of unhealthy things - strip them off like soiled clothes

1. malous

2. deception

3. hypocrisy

4. jealousy

5. backstabbing

B. The healthy things

1. Pure spiritual milk

a. crave - a natural, instinctive desire

b. scriptural and grounded teaching

2. Cause you to grow

a. strong

b. healthy

II. Living stones

A. Christ is the cornerstone

1. the most important stone

2. the center piece

B. chosen by God

1. rejected by men

2. key to God’s plan for all men

C. we are stones - taking on the image of Christ

a. integrated into God’s plans

b. used as blocks...each piece having it’s place

c. forming a temple - the place where God dwells

d. each stone is equally reliant on the others - the body of Christ

D. we are the priests

a. we go directly to God’s throne

b. Jesus has given us that right

c. we bring the sacrifice of praise and humility

E. choices

1. those who believe

a. never put to shame

b. never disappointed

2. rejection

a. they will stumble and fall

\ b. they will meet their own fate

1. people send people to hell

III. Chosen people

A. Chosen by God

1. you belong to Him

2. allowing others to see His goodness in you

3. declaring His praises

B. things have changed for you

1. now God’s chosen people

2. recipients of mercy

C. set yourselves apart

1. turn from the desires that cause you to stumble

a. they go to war with your soul

b. they damage and destroy

2. others are watching

a. your behavior influences a multitude of people

b. showing love in all circumstances

1. God will be honored

2. others will believe

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