Summary: Relates the cleansing of Naaman to the baptism of the New Testament.


A. Leprosy – 116 vs in Lev 13-14

a. Note: 13.45-46

B. What it is & is not (explore Biblical leprosy and present-day leprosy)

a. Uncleanness and what that meant

C. Then to text – 2 Kings 5.1ff

I. Notice – From the story of Naaman, turn to the oft asked question “Why does baptism really matter?” Because in baptism…

a. We are saved/forgiven:

i. 1 Pt 3.21

ii. Acts 22.16

iii. Mk 16.16

b. We get into Christ:

i. Gal 3.26-27

ii. Rom 6.1-4

c. We get a new life:

i. Rom 6.3-4

ii. 2 Cor 5.17

II. But what about Naaman? What brought God’s gift of healing to him? FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE TO THE SPECIFIC COMMANDS OF GOD!

a. No less required of man today

i. Heb 5.8-9

ii. Mt 7.21 ff

b. Winston Churchill: “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.”

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