Summary: What you program into your mind will dictate how it will function. Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Think about it: You can have the most powerful computer in the world, but if you program it with the wrong software or with misinf

Compiled by: Herman Abrahams (Pastor), Cornerstone Faith Ministries, P.O. Box 740, Westridge 7802, Rep. of South Africa.


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Reprogramming Your Mental Computer

(Primary reference: YOUR BEST LIFE NOW - Joel Osteen).



A. Illustration 1


A little boy went out to the backyard to play with a baseball bat and a ball. He said to himself, "I am the best hitter in the world."

Then he threw the ball up in the air and took a swing at it, but he missed.

With­out a moment’s hesitation, he picked up the ball and tossed it in the air again, saying as he swung the bat, "I’m the best hitter in all the world." He swung and missed. Strike two.

He tossed the ball up A THIRD TIME, con­centrating more intensely, even more determined, saying, "I am the best hitter in all the world!" He swung the bat with all his might. Whiff! Missed again!! Strike three.

The little boy laid down his bat and smiled real big. "What do you know?" he said. "I’m the best pitcher in all the world!" (From YOUR BEST LIFE NOW - Joel Osteen).

Now that’s a good attitude! Sometimes you simply have to choose to see the bright side of situations. When things don’t work out as you planned, rather than complaining, look for something good in your circumstances. Look for lessons in your experience. Fill your mind with good thoughts.

B. Illustration 2


Many years ago I worked as a chief teller in a commercial bank.

In addition to having the important responsibility of ensuring that we kept enough cash in the branch and to clear surplus cash, I also had to take care of the bank’s stationery store. This involved counting the stock of forms on hand and ordering new supplies. I had to take time off from serving customers on the counter and go to my little store to issue, order and do stationery reconciliations. It seemed that because I was doing, what seemed like one of the lowest jobs in the branch, to the best of my ability, a colleague could not help but say, "This man has got RMA". I asked what is RMA? She said, "Right Mental Attitude."

We all need to keep a positive mental attitude, in spite of our circumstances.



What you program into it dictates how it will function. How foolish it would be to complain, "I hate this computer! It never gives me the right answer; it never does what I want it to do." Think about it: You can have the most powerful computer in the world, but if you program it with the wrong software or with misinformation, it will never function as the manufacturer intended.

Beyond that, we now have a myriad of computer viruses lurking in cyberspace, waiting for an opportunity to destroy your hard drive and the information stored in your computer. Such viruses can get into a perfectly good computer and contaminate the software. Before long the computer will develop a sluggishness; it will malfunction. You may not be able to get to the programs you need or retrieve important documents.

All too often, you unwittingly pass along the virus to a friend, family member, or business associate, exacerbating the problem by contaminating their systems with the same virus that infected yours. Usually these problems occur not because the computer is defective, but because somebody has reprogrammed the software or contaminated good, valuable programs or information within.

1.1 Similarly, too often we allow negative thoughts, words, and


other devious viruses to access our minds, subtly changing our software,


or corrupting our information and values. We were created in the image of God. Before we were ever formed, He programmed us to live abundant lives, to be happy, healthy, and whole. But when our thinking becomes contaminated, it is no longer in line with God’s Word. We make serious mistakes and wrong choices. We go through life with low self-esteem, worries, fears, feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Making matters worse, we pass on our negative attitudes to others.

When you recognize these things happening, you must reprogram your mental computer. You must change your thinking. Understand, you are not defective. God made you, and He has programmed you for victory But until you get your thinking in line with your owner’s manual, God’s Word, you will never operate to your full potential. YOU WILL BE LEFT DEFEATED & FRUSTRATED – LIKE THIS MAN HERE …

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Lekha Thomas

commented on Jul 31, 2017

That's a touching message, I learnt a lot from this message. thanks from Kerala, India.

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