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Summary: Looking at the character of man that is not pleasing to God. It is in our best interest to allow the Lord to take these things out of our lives.

7 Things that God Hates(Part one)

Proverbs 6:16-19


This morning I want to talk to a moment about what proverbs 6 calls the seven things that God hates or the 7 abominations of God.


2. Lying

3. Shedding of innocent blood

4. heart that is wicked

5. feet that rush into evil

6. False witness

sowing discord

Do you care what God hates? Are you willing to change where needed.

We probably will only get three of them today and will have to finish up on another day.

Putting the word hate with God doesn’t seem right.

Most people associate God with love and that God cannot hate. The Bible gives us a different look.

God hates divorce, God hates anything associated with hurting others, or yourself.

Most of us want to say I’ll just live a good life, not hurt anybody and God will respect and reward me for that. I don’t murder, and I would never commit adultery. I don’t get drunk.

As you heard in the text this morning; God hates the misuse of our eyes, the misuse of our hands, misuse of our tongue, misuse of our heart, even the misuse of our feet- because we should follow Christ and flee from evil. Walking toward Christ and fleeing or running away from evil.


Fox recently premiered “Moment of Truth” a TV show that wrestles with weather or not anyone is ever telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Contestants are hooked up to a state of the art lie detector test in order to determine weather or not they are spinning lies while asked a series of questions. If contestants tell the truth, they’ll win 500,000. To add a little drama, the show mixes spouses, significant others, family members, friends, an co-workers into the audience. Here are a few questions that have been asked in recent episodes’

Have you ever lied to get a job?

Do you like your mother -in law?

Have you ever stolen anything from work?

Would you cheat on your spouse if you knew you could get a way with it?

As one person on the show put it, “This is the first game show where you know all the answers”

we all have secrets. We all have things we want to keep under the blood of Christ.

What if we had to answer these kinds of questions while your spouse, family members, friends, watched and listened?

What if you had to answer these in front of the church?

It would be terrifying to some.

Honesty matters to Christ.

After all, every moment is a moment of truth before God- he knows everything

We have just came through the election process. We have heard both candidates promise to make changes. Both have given signature things they have promised to do.

Phrases like “lie like a politician” and “smooth as a politician” fits the description of their work. Why? Because in the past they have let us down, told us one thing and done another.

We are going to center on the first 3 of the 7 listed here in Proverbs 6.

1. Pride

2. Lying

3. Murder

That is my 3 point message.

I. Pride

A question is always asked if all sins are the same before God?

Yes and no- yes that a holy God cannot accept or turn away from sin, no in the fact that some sin causes more damages. I believe these are listed here because they are destructive in our lives and cause our walk with God to be destroyed.

“Haughty eyes” prideful is the first one.

Thinking that you are better than someone else is not a new sin.

It’s the same attitude that drove Satan to think that he was better than God.

“Pride will lead to destruction whereas humility will lead to honor and blessing” (Proverbs 18:12)

Pride will drive a wedge in your relationship with God and others. It will corrupt our thoughts and motives.


Hudson Taylor was scheduled to speak at a large Presbyterian church is Melborne, Australia. The moderator of the service introduced the missionary in eloquent and glowing terms. He told the large crowd all that Taylor had accomplished in China, and then presented him as our illustrious guest. Taylor stood quietly for a moment, and then opened his message by saying, “Dear friends, I am the little servant of the illustrious master”.

We can never get to a place in our relationship with God as to think that we are better than someone else. God is the God of grace as much as he is the God of redemption.

I mean the testimony of God is great when God has redeemed a person from addiction and has turned their life around.

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