Summary: a look at the importance of thinking like a Christian

--Think the same things_

Php. 4:2; Php. 2:1-4; Php. 2:14; Eph. 4:1-4; Jn. 17:20,21

our agreement is “in the Lord”

Php 4:2

--Don’t have divided thinking

Php. 4:6; Matt. 13:22

--Control your thoughts

Php 4:8; Mk. 7:20-23; Pv. 23:7


your thinking controls your actions

Php 4:9

Paul is concerned throughout his writing that we because about our thought life. Its’ a special concern for him in the book of Philippians.

When he asked these two women to agree with each other he is literally saying to think the same things. As Christians we don’t have to agree on everything but we must focus on our areas of agreement. If we focus on our areas of disagreement that thinking we determine tomorrows division in the church. I believe Paul is saying to set aside the differences and concentrate on the things you agree on. For every one thing we disagree on there must be 10 things we agree on. Why not allow that to be our foucs?

Pauls says don’t be anxious, that literally means don’t have divided thinking. The same word is used in Mt. 13:22 when one has the seed of the gospel but the cares of the wrold and the deceitfulness of wealth choke out the seed. That’s divided thinking. Paul says don’t be divided in your thoughts. God is either in charge or he’s not. He’s either asked us to lay our burdens before him or he hasn’t. He either prmosed to supply our needs or he hasn’t. Anxiety comes from being divided in our thinking.

Paul also says to congrol our thought. We don’t have control over much but we do control what we think. I can’t help a impure thoght from flashing itot m mind but I don’t have to linger on it. We are responsible for our thoughts.

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