Summary: A faith twist on a worldly notion

8th Wonders of the world

Man has consistently looked to glorify himself and the works of his hands. Routinely we award one another for acts or feats that we use to set us apart or above others. This is contrary to the nature of God. When we look to elevate ourselves, we till the fertile ground where our pride grows. One clear depiction of this practice is the list of the 8 wonders of the world. These wonders are voted upon and rated by a select group that fails to confer with the very world they are making these choices for. I would like to offer a different version of the wonders from the point of view of the faithful.

I pray that the Spirit of God would enhance the words and give a simple notion a ray of light.

Wonders should represent those things man cannot create. They should be those far reaching things that float above the human experience, and are there to be observed to signify the glory of the one who created the wonder. They should exceed thought, imagination and dreams.

The wonders

1. God

The only entity without a beginning or end, and without height, depth or width. Expansive beyond comprehension and the creator of all. He set in motion all forms and facets of life and began their function to be in perfect unison with one another. Perfection is solely based on the truth that no other way appears viable. Man has tried in vain to duplicate, imitate, preserve, enhance and circumvent life to no avail. As wondrous and massive the concept of God is, He can only be seen through the lens of faith. God created faith to energize, settle, and empower the spiritual experience as we engage fitfully in the human experience. What is divine is that God created and gave us the faith, increases the faith, and is the sole purpose of faith. A perfect example of this faith is the many ways man has tried to extinguish God’s church/people. They attempted to burn it to the ground, yet the smoking embers gave warmth to new beginnings. They attempted cut it off at the head, then in a glorious regeneration such as you would see from a medusa like creature, many more heads sprung from the severed neck. God should be glorified most for the preservation of this faith. Throughout history man’s inability to just believe, has caused him to attempt to extinguish that which he fails to understand. Yet in each episode the God of all extends grace and preserves the very nature of His creation, faith.

2. The Word of God

Has been known as the Son of God, the savior of the world and the Lord of Lords. The word is not only a wonder, but wonderful. God is so precise that His word is in itself an entity. God is so filled with power that His breath gives life, and His word creates and sustains the very life His breath has given. The word of God has always been true. Yet it came a time when man looked to question the validity of His word and become disobedient. Man attempted to use God’s word as the reason for his disobedience. Man exclaimed that God could not relate to him and his unique problems and trials. Man perceived that God could not understand the feelings and depth of man. God handled this rebellion man had in him with perfection. He allowed His own word to become flesh. He allowed His word to walk with man, as man walked. He allowed His word to experience every human aspect of life imaginable. He did so in the presence of man, so that he could never claim again the divine separation. God manifested His truth, power, authority, love, fairness, grace, peace, joy and sacrifice that are present in His word. At one time God used to walk with man, talk with man. As man fell further into sin, we lost that presence of God that sustained early man. God’s grace allowed us to once again walk with Him in Faith, through Christ. The second wonder of the world.

3. Holy Spirit

God once again needed an entity of Himself to impart a heavenly knowledge, a Godly peace and understanding. In the early beginnings of man’s creation, man was able to withstand a walk with God. Man was able to endure a talk with God. Yet as man fell further into sin his tolerance for the power and majesty of the presence of God diminished. Man did not possess any longer the ability to remain in the presence of God without hurting himself physically. It is similar to the protection the layers of our atmosphere provide us from the sun. Once the layers are removed, we would burn rapidly from the intense heat and radiation. I imagine Adam was given the adequate protection from God to withstand God’s presence. Once again God needed a perfect substitute for His presence as it pertained to man seeking, gaining, understanding, and receiving the things of God. It was just a remnant of Him, a smaller dose if you will, that would be digestible for sinful man. The spirit allows for the wisdom of God to be revealed. The Spirit allows for the faith, peace and grace of God to be understood. It allows for the joy and love of God to be received. The Holy Spirit is the chalice with which we humbly drink from the river of living water which is Christ. That river if followed to its mouth, would lead you to the largest and most filling body of water, God the Father. The Holy Spirit was given by the Son of God to man, from the Father. The spirit bears witness to the Son, who bears witness to the Father. The Spirit had always been there from the beginning. The Spirit will be there at the end, our third wonder of the world.

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