Summary: Journey of Faith, part 2 “Called to Live a Life of Faith “

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Journey of Faith, part 2

“Called to Live a Life of Faith “

Gen 12:1-20

David Taylor

Outside of Christ, Abraham may be the most significant character in the bible. In terms of space, the first eleven chapters of Genesis are devoted to human history. The next fourteen chapters are given to the life of Abraham. He is called our Father in the faith, a friend of God, and the first clear example of justification by faith. Historically the conflict between Jews and Arabs today points back to Abraham. He is the father of both the Jewish and Arab nation.

Main idea – The call of Abraham and his life of faith is a model for us today.

1. Faith is Relying on God’s Promises (12:1-3)

The call of Abraham is a call to a life of faith. God calls him to give up everything that represents safety, security, comfort, even his inheritance – his country, his people, and his fathers house to go to an unknown land with only what he could take with him. In a nutshell, God is calling him to a nomadic life giving up what would normally provide personal and financial security. He had nothing to rely on except the promise of God. Faith is living with the reality that God is the one who takes responsibility for our wellbeing, our financial future, our safety, and our happiness. Abraham could leave Haran because he was convinced God had something better for him. It is easy for every one of us to become so comfortable with this world that we are no longer a stranger and alien. Promises are not maybes. Trusting God is not like gambling or making a bet hoping you will in. God’s promises are reliable and certain.

What does God promise Abraham?

 I will make you a great nation - From Abraham will come the nation of Israel.

 I will bless you - That is God’s favor will rest on Abraham and his life.

 I will make your name great - God will give him a good reputation and identity. Abraham’s power and prestige will come directly from trusting God nothing else.

 You will be a blessing - The purpose of God blessing us is so that we can bless others.

 In you all the families of the earth will be blessed - The Messiah would come through Abraham’s line. Mission has always been central to the heart of God.

2. Faith Experiences Obstacles (vs. 4-6)

Abraham demonstrated phenomenal faith and God blessed him for it. But that does not mean that everything went smoothly; quite the contrary. Abraham did not know where he was going (Heb 11:8); God did not disclose that to him when he left Haran. God rarely gives us all the details of the journey he calls each of us on. That is why faith is required. Do I trust that he will always look out for me and take care of me even if I do not know what lies around the bend in the road?

In 11:30, the text goes out of its way to say that Sarah is barren. The writer wants us to question how can God fulfill his promise with a barren wife. Faith is not just believing in God it is believing God. It is actively trusting God in daily life that his promises are trustworthy.

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