Summary: Contemplate/glory of these days This is the day the Lord has made

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Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Oct 26, 2014

“It’s OK! Take it off”

2 Cor. 3:12-18

2 Cor. 3:12…….

Hope makes you look:

• bold, look ridiculous to some people

• Audacious and tenacious

• Mom hang in there and pray for her kid while he’s on drugs.

• You very bold…

• 2 Cor. 3:13-18…..

• Let’s applaud God’s Word in this place today

• Not my most impressive message but the most helpful.


2 Cor. 3 apostle Paul/sharing a rebuttal against a group/people known/super apostle

• Teachers who claimed superiority over Paul/Other apostles who ministered in the same circle as Paul

• They tried/assert/spiritual awesomeness

• set themselves apart/true spiritual guys/putting others down

2 Cor. 3 you see/human side of Paul

• He’s letting the Corinthian church know

• he’s called/chosen by God…..he’s the real deal.


Trying show them spiritual leaders claiming epitome of perfection are false

• Problem in our culture with constant comparison.

• Paul is describing that problem

• Using a different analogy/using the analogy/veil.

Last week/Paul/Abraham/case study/Against all hope…

• Abraham/example/someone/held/his hopes us against all odds.

• Now/passage were he’s using Moses

• most revered figure/prophet/Israel’s history

• Moses who said about himself there has never been a man more humble than himself

• That not the most ultimate humble brag?

• most specific he’s talking/ot occurrence/Ex 34


Moses/meet with God/done meeting

• transference/energy/glory from God to Moses

• so bright/radiant/brilliant/impressive/blinding

• Moses would come out of God presence/people

• put/veil so people not be blinded/glory/God

• they couldn’t handle it head on

• Sort of an act of mercy for Moses to wear this veil.

Paul says hold on “there’s always a story behind the glory.”

• v. 13….watch this church…..prevent the Israelites….

• Paul had some insider information here

• Common folklore is that Moses would wear the veil because Israelites couldn’t stand to steadily behold the glory of God.

• Paul says that was part of it

• another reason Moses would wear this veil

• he didn’t want the people to see when the glory had gone

Old covenant--law written/tablets/stone/couldn’t save you/only instruct you

• didn’t have the power to transform you…Moses knows this

• he knows/people lose their confidence in this covenant

• they won’t follow him anymore

• So he does something pretty slick…..

• he shows the encounters/God but he wears/veil

• don’t want anyone/see/glory fading away—

• Only lasts/short time.


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