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Summary: We need to be ready to have great energy for God, Serve God in mighty ways and pay the price for doing so.

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I. Doing Great Exploits (Taking a Stand) means going to the foot of the cross. (Luke 23:50-56)

- Joseph was at the cross when Jesus died as was the Centurion

- Illustration # 2 ”Never getting over the cross”

- This is where we get our boldness, energy,

II. Doing Great Exploits (Taking a Stand) means we need to be ready to pay the price.

- Joseph sacrificed his ceremonial cleanness and probably his position

- Joseph was bold because he had been to the cross

- Illustration # 3 “Loyalty to God in the hour of crisis”

- What sacrifices are you ready to make

- Sacrifice of time

- Money

- Reputation

- Life

III. Doing Great Exploits (Taking a Stand) means doing it in a moment of crisis.

- Jesus body needed to be addressed else they would have just thrown his body in gehenna

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