Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: -Let us look at Jesus method of dealing with blindness.

I. Recognition of the problem

A. Blind man knew his own dilemma

1. We have only to speculate the exact going on of this initial encounter.

2. This we know, he was a beggar (8), must have announced to them as they passed by that it was since birth as the disciples knew that he had been born blind.

B. Jesus knew of many folks problems

1. Disciples did not know fully who and what Christ was doing

a. Notice it was not Jesus that initiated the conversation.

b. But the disciples asked.

c. Another opportunity to show God’s glory and power to the founders of the first church.

d. “I am the light of the world” and with that positioned the man in obedience and healed him.

e. Proof to the disciples again that He had power over darkness.

2. Pharisees

a. John MacArthur says, “The reasoning may have been that since Jesus violated their interpretation of the Sabbath law, He could not be the promised Prophet.”

b. Again being blinded to the prophets and promise fulfilled in Christ, He simply was not what they were wanting out of the Messiah.

c. It is unfortunate that today many share the same disbelief as the Pharisees.

d. Seeing the works in many people’s life, the church that has stood the test of time based on the blood and redemption of Christ, the Word of God standing alone, they continue to look for someone or something to match what their mind tells them should be a savior or god.

C. Jesus knows of your condition

1. He is limitless as to what miracle He can work in your life.

a. In our mind the best resolve is to instantly heal our defecate.

b. We get trapped in our own problems and surroundings, He wants to work in your life, but rest assured He wants to work in others as well through you.

II. Position to the Power

A. Subordinate to the Creator, all things were in His control and under His power.

1. Humanity

a. Jesus’ flesh

1) He came as a Servant.

2) To seek and save that which was lost.

3) His flesh was in total surrender to the Father.

b. Blind man

1) His whole life had been lived under the subordination of his crisis, now the Creator became his ruler and everything changed.

2) He was obedient to the words and works of Christ.

3) I am sure carefully followed the instructions of the Healer.

4) Because he positioned himself under the authority of Christ he was healed.

2. Creation

a. Jerusalem entrance (rocks cry out)

b. Mud

c. Water

B. Jesus took these things and proved Himself to the onlookers.

1. He desires to do the same in your life.

2. These very same principles continue today.

3. The world is still very much under the control of Jesus, He now simply asks for your faith and surrender.

4. With these things in His hand, He will demonstrate His deity in and through your life.

III. Confession of the perplexed

A. “I was blind, and now I see”

1. All these things led up to his surrender in verse 38 where he states emphatically, “Lord, I believe!” And he worshiped Him.

2. All that was involved was the confession and immediate worship of the One who changed his life.

3. The call remains clear today, “Do you believe?”

4. Only you can answer that question.

5. Will you continue to grip your unbelief, blindness, and denial, or will you reverently fall to His feet and call Him Lord today?

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