Summary: Marriage is all about giving, but adultery is all about taking. Adultery breaks every other commandment. Adultery is stealing, it's lying, it's coveting... Adultery is the supreme example of selfishness. You say: I deserve to be happy, I need this for me.

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It was this couple at the restaurant, having dinner together in a corner of that fancy restaurant. And on their way out, in the semi-obscurity of the parking lot he noticed a wallet on the asphalt.

Inside $ 10,000 in cash and a lot of cards along with some other documents. They went back and asked for the restaurant manager. “Can you announce if any of your costumers lost this wallet?”

And the manager did: “Gentlemen, please, verify if you still have the wallet. We have found a wallet in the parking lot”. Bingo… the owner cried so loud, cheerful, that all the restaurant customers were panicked… Fire? No, just a happy guy getting back ten grants…

He was a reporter working for the town newspaper who lost his wallet after leaving the same restaurant. And he was happy and excited… speaking loud for everybody in the restaurant to hear him:

- “You are the most honest man I ever meet. Let me reward you”…

But no, the founder refused any reward and he kept a low voice: “OK sir now we are leaving”.

- “Oh, if you won’t accept money, I will do something else, said the happy reporter. I will put your picture in tomorrow’s new paper, on the first page, for everybody to know that we still have honest people in this town, people that we are proud of them”… And he was reaching his pocket for the camera… for pictures…

But that guy just said no and left the restaurant almost pushing him away with the reporter chasing him outside… Please, a picture, we need to expose your integrity.

At that moment, the guy pushed the women in the car and told the reporter: “I don’t need any exposure. You see, this woman is not my wife, so shout your mouth and let me go now”…

Sad truth, - the most honest man in town was not quite… honest...

We are continuing now our series LAW & GRACE it the Ten Commandments. Why do we even keep the 10 C? Do we keep them to be saved? No. We keep them because we ARE saved. We keep the 10 C because we love the "Law-Giver," Who is Jesus Christ.

That's why we do it. And so we don't do this to earn salvation. We do it because we have salvation, and because we want to honor our Savior.

ILL. We were driving home one night and a deer jumped suddenly in front of our van. There was no way to avoid the deer. According to the Department of Natural Resources there are over 10,000 deer killed on LA Highways every year. Do you know when most of them are killed? In November and December. That's just about when my wife and I had that encounter with the deer on Hwy 28 East around Jonesville.

Now, why are most of them killed in November/December? Because the male deer are in rut. That is when they are obsessed with reproductive activities. They chase whatever female deer is out there.

Nobody is married in the deer kingdom. We are. And I will tell you that if type of thing becomes our obsession, our life is in danger, and not just in November/December. Adultery is dangerous.

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