Summary: Worldliness is polluting our churches and poisoning our hearts. How can we avoid worldliness in our lives?

Beware of the World

Colossians 3:1-11

In the final two chapters of Colossians Paul moves from declaring and defending the truth to practical demonstration of truth. In other words what good is in to know to put Christ first, to say we put Christ first but we never do put Christ first.

There are many Christians today that declare and defend their position but then don’t live Christ like in their testimony. Jesus should change everything about us. What we believe should have a direct connection to how we behave.

I’ve had people off and on say well I never thought a Christian should act that way. No they didn’t say that about me it was about another Christian.

The truth is if we practically don’t behave like a Christian why bother to say we are a Christian? The Bible says it this way “But someone will say, ‘You have faith; I have deeds.’ Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.” James 2:18

Here again in our study of this wonderful book of God’s Word we see the final weed that chokes out Christ. We had philosophy or knowledge without Christ, Legalism and now worldliness. Jesus even said in Matthew 13:22 that the cares of the world choke out the Word getting into the heart.

We cannot let the world become greater to us than Jesus and His Word. This is the key to what the Bible is telling us in our text today.

Seek Jesus and what Heaven has in store for you. If you want a happy life a life filled with Heavenly days then place your emphasis and what is important to Heaven. We’re going to live eternally why not think eternally?

Notice how we do this:

I. Concentrate on the Heavenly (v.1-4)

Notice those words SEEK and MIND in verses 1 and 2:

1.SEEK (v.1) means to think on, meditate to reason out and enquire into.

2. MIND (v.2) here means to focus it intently on the things of God.

We are to get our focus off the world and place our focus on eternity. Live here on Earth but look to and long for Heaven. Focus takes discipline:

STOPPING TO FOCUS Have you ever wondered why a pigeon walks so funny? According to an interesting article in the Detroit Free Press, a pigeon walks the way it does so it can see where it’s going. Because it can’t adjust its focus as it moves, the pigeon actually has to bring its head to a complete stop between steps in order to refocus. This is the way it walks: head forward, stop; head back, stop. Don’t laugh -- that’s how it goes! In our spiritual walk with the Lord we have the same problem as the pigeon. We have a hard time seeing while we’re moving. We also need to stop between steps -- to refocus on where we are in relation to the World and the will of God.

God’s Word here reminds us to look at our relationship with Jesus in order to place our walk with the Lord as our top priority

Notice how:

A. We are raised with Christ (v.1)

That word if in v.1 in the Greek is the word SINCE. Since you have a new life with Christ raised from the dead, seek Christ and if we need a reminder He’s in heaven awaiting our soon arrival. He’s got the mansion ready fire in the fireplace, supper on the oven.

Christian the Bible teaches were raised with Christ and are seated with Christ in the heavenly places (Eph. 2:6). The problem is this is a reality as a Christian but there are Christians who don’t live this way.

They live with the cares of this world that blow them around with the wind of culture.

Jesus raised us up to live above that. He wants us to live like we’re already there with Him. It’s all about where we put our focus.

B. We died with Christ (v.3a)

The best explanation of this theological truth is found in Romans 6-8. We died symbolically with Christ. Once a person places their faith in Jesus Christ they died to sin and it’s power because Jesus took that all upon Himself on the Cross.

This means you and I can have victory over our old sin nature. You and I can change and get past the sin that so easily traps us. We can have victory over sin.

C. We live in Christ (v.3b-4)

You’ll notice that phrase in v.3 hidden with Christ in God. It means we have security and satisfaction. Then in v.4 the Bible reminds us that Christ should be our life.

Now let me stay here for a few minutes. Let’s talk about security.

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