Summary: A guide for men and women seeking to serve GOD in marriage

When things get tough

In life we are all bound to face challenges. YAHSHUA said that in this world we will have many challenges and that we should be of good cheer as He has overcome the world. What should we do when our marriages are challenged.

Banish all thoughts of divorce and separation. Remember you are a Christian and YAHWEH hates divorce.

Repent of your sins and ask YAHWEH to forgive you. No one is perfect not even you. It’s easy to blame your spouse but we are where we are in life because of our choices and actions. They contribute. Ask YAHWEH to show you where you are wrong, what went wrong and the way forward.

Forgive your spouse. In fact purpose before you marry, if you are already married purpose to always forgive your spouse no matter what they do. YAHWEH forgave your sins even before you committed them. You are made in HIS image. Forgive.

Take time to pray and commit that situation to the YAHWEH. Look for serious committed Christians who will pray for you tirelessly and not broadcast your woes. Do not only pray when you are facing a challenge. Pray always.

Set aside a time to pray for your spouse and your relationship. When you are happiest pray the hardest.

Your spouse is human-Remember that.

Do not leave your matrimonial home, this is not about the house. rather it means do not leave your spouse for any reason. As some one said YAHWEH does not leave us, it is us who leave YAHWEH. Just like YAHWEH will never leave you or forsake you, do not leave or forsake your spouse.

Acknowledge that this is a storm it will pass.

Continue showing love, affection and fulfilling your spousal duties.

Remember, the Bible has explicit examples of YAHWEH removing errant spouses from the scene in HIS own way. Don’t help YAHWEH in this. If you unwaveringly trust in YAHWEH, YAHWEH will care for you. Remember , HE punished a whole nation for one woman.

Rejoice always and again I say rejoice

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