Summary: Special Presentation To The Congregation of Dinsmore Baptist Church by Dr. E. Winson Butler In Observance of 911. Sermon Address: Outlined



No one will ever forget that day. Sept. 11th. I had walked into the Church Office and the Administrative Secretary said, "A plane has struck the WTC.." and then her next words will always be on my heart, "Oh Pastor another plane..."

That has been our thoughts ever since. America is asking "Will there be another?" If there is where do we turn?

We should keep in mind, There’s always a calm before the storm. Our question today is "Where does one turn?"

In a time of any crisis, when all hope is gone, there is someone who cares. Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. Our Blessed Place (Psa 91:1a)

II. An Almighty Person (Psa 91:1b)

III. The Wonderful Promise (Psa 91:1c)

Conclusion: No matter how dark ones day Jesus can be found!

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