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Summary: Christmas Eve service. The theme "A baby changes everything" with someone singing Faith Hill’s song a baby changes everything.


A Baby changes everything

Christmas Eve 2009


Kevin has read our text this evening with the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-7

We have talked for several weeks on perfect gifts.

How people disparately need Jesus Christ in their lives.

Making room for Jesus in our lives.

Making sure that “no room at the Inn” is not a catchy way of saying no room in my heart for Jesus.

Most will open presents tonight or tomorrow. Expressing your love for others by giving a gift.

How are showing your love for Jesus?

Remember some of the illustrations this month?

Wally- the big 7 year old that couldn’t tell Mary and Joseph that their was no room at the Inn.

The little boy who took baby Jesus from the church Nativity scene? Because he promised that if he got a new red wagon, that Jesus would be the first to get a ride in it.

Every year, the baby Jesus comes up missing from Nativity scenes outside.

Every year 70,000 people flood to Bethlehem to the birth place of Christ. Wanting just a glimpse of where Almighty God became Savior by coming to this earth.

There has to be something with this Jesus.

Just like the song Becky sang- A Baby changes everything

Those that have children, you know that your life totally changed.

It is no more about you anymore. It is about rising that child, or children.

For those that know Christ as Lord. That Baby who became Savior changed our lives forever. It is no longer about us, it is all about Him.

That baby- who is no longer a baby came to this world for several reasons.

Let us know what God is like.

To inform us of God’s plan

Heal our hurts

Transform us

How do you see Jesus?

Indifference- One day I’ll take Him more serious.

Rejection- No Thanks Jesus- I don’t want you to interfere with my life. It’s not good, but it is all I have and you will mess it up.

Worship/Praise- Words cannot express my love and joy for the blessings you have given me. I am thankful for your bridging that gap so that I may have a relationship with you.


Dear God, I have a problem. It’s me. Dear child, I have a solution It’s me.

Don’t you get it God desires to be a part of your life.

Make it personal, your life.

He did not come to steal your fun.

“ I have come that you may have life- and have it to the full” John 10:10

“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

I am the only way- I can change everything

God wants you to be still so He can untangle the knot in your life.

We got our lives so messed up

Tangled, confused, like a rubic cube. It is possible, but highly unlikely you will get it right by yourself.

We need a savior

“For unto you is born a savior”

He came to give life- not religion.

Most people just exist, not much more than surviving.

This Christmas He wants to transform us

All the power of heaven at His disposal. He wants to change things.

This baby changes everything

You can read books, how to shape your life. The problem is they don’t give you the power to do it. Jesus Christ frees us from habits, hurts, hang ups.

He gives us victory over hopelessness, worry, doubt, and yes even guilt.

Jesus is hope- my hope is built on nothing less.


Mark Lowry, a Christian singer, comedian, talks about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

“I wonder if she realized that those were the same fingers that scooped out the oceans and formed the seas. If she realized they were the same feet that walked on streets of gold and had been worshiped by angels. That when Mary kissed her little baby, she was kissing the face of God.

THe wasn’t just a great prophet.

THe wasn’t just a great preacher.

THe wasn’t just a teacher.

He was the Son of God. He was our Savior.

The baby she delivered on that first Christmas, was going to the cross to deliver her...and us.

Illustration-(Sermon Central)

The announcement went first to the shepherds. They didn’t ask God if he was sure he knew what he was doing. Had the angel asked the Theologians, they would have to first check their commentaries. Had he went to the elite, they would have looked to see who was watching. Had they went to the successful, they would have to check their calendars. So they went to the shepherds. Men who didn’t have a reputation to protect or an ax to grind or a ladder to climb. Men who didn’t know enough to tell God that angels don’t sing to sheep in a feed trough. Max Lucado says that we have to stoop. You can see the world standing tall, but to witness the savior, you have to get on your knees. So... while the theologians were sleeping, and the elites were dreaming, and the successful were snoring, the meek were kneeling. They were kneeling before the one and only and in front of Jesus.

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