Summary: #1 in a 12 sermon series

JAMES 1:12-18

A Balanced view

North College Ave Baptist Church

Snyder, TX

July 11, 2004

I. Patient endurance is our evidence of true love for God.

A. God’s promise is the root.

B. Endurance is the fruit.

C. The crown of life is the reward.

II. James addresses those who are in danger of giving up on the fight. (13)

A. Jewish tradition allowed for God sending test, to the 1st century Gnostics

God was the tempter.

B. Two reasons God is not the tempter ( not an argument in tautology)

1. God can not be tempted with evil (4 possible renderings)

a. God can not be solicited to do evil

b. God is not experienced in doing evil

c. God should not be tested by evil men

2. God does not tempt any man

- new American Dennis version: God does not test us with evil and you are wrong if you blame Him; as a matter of fact you are evil to accuse God.

III. The truth of the matter (Vs. 14)

A. It is you testing yourself! God puts the credit where credit is due. (his own lust)

B. It is the “yeser” the evil impulse from within (undifferentiated desire). LUST!

1. not in touch with reality

2. primitive

3. chaotic

4. lust is motivated by the pleasure principle

C. It is not the tempter outside, but it is the traitor inside.

D. 2 fishing terms: (mixed metaphor, shows intensity of the action)

1. pulled from the water by a hook and line (drawn away)

2. enticed by an attractive bait

E. The ugly picture of sin.

1. image of a physical union of a person and their sin

2. lust is conceived and brings forth sin, like a child, when the child(sin) is grown it brings forth death.

3. look at vs. 18 for balance

a. Of His own will (who’s will? God’s)

b. Born He us

c. Not conceived in lust but in TRUTH!

d. We are a “kind of” 1st fruits

V. (vs. 16) concludes 13-15 and introduces 17

Warning against moral sin (15)

VI. .What does God bring to us if not test? (vs. 17 summery of 2-15)

A. God gives good gifts and perfect gifts (vs.5)

B. God is creator, father of lights

C. God is unchangeable

D. God can not be changed

E. counterbalance 1-5 God sends His best gift, wisdom

F. God’s gifts enable us to stand through test

G. We fail because we waiver (6-8)

H. Then we accuse God of causing us to be tested (13-15)

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