Summary: A drama for children: God gives gifts.

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A Better Day Everyday

(Based on the Parables of the Talents, Matt. 25: 14)

Theme: God gives gifts.


1. To teach the children that God gives us the gift of Jesus.

2. To teach the children to use Jesus everyday.

Materials: Toothbrush


TV Remote Control

A power tool (Electric screw driver)

A piece of soft wood and wood screw

Bible, Children’s Bible, Gospel story book,

A bag or container to put everything in.


Use a container or bag that will conceal all the items from the children so that they can’t see into it. Let the items that are taken out of the bag be a surprise for the children.

For my own convenience I’m using an electric screw driver, but any other electric power tool would be suitable as the drama unfolds.

Drama points:

1. After the children are seated and greetings exchanged I show them my green bag.

2. “This morning I’ve brought with me my green bag and in it are a few things that I would like to show you.” “These things in the bag are only some of the things that make my day better, everyday.” “Let’s have a look at them.”

3. First, pull out the tooth brush. “This is my tooth brush which I use everyday to clean my teeth.” “If I don’t use my tooth brush everyday my teeth will go bad and then I would need to see the dentist for repairs.” “Since I don’t like going to the dentist I make sure I use the tooth brush everyday.” “I thank God for the gift of the tooth brush because it makes my day better, everyday.”

4. Secondly, pull out the watch. “This is my watch which I use everyday.” “With my watch, I can tell the time and not be late for anything.” “If I didn’t have my watch, I would miss my bus to work and then I would have to walk to work, or I would miss my favourite TV programme.” “I thank God for the gift of my watch because it makes my day better, everyday.”

5. Third, pull out the TV remote control. “This TV remote is great, I use it everyday. I can sit in my chair and change channels, or change the volume without leaving my chair.” “Without my remote, I would have to get up and go over to the TV every time I needed to change the channel or the volume.” “I thank God for the gift of my TV remote, because it makes my day better everyday.”

6. Fourth, pull out of the bag the power tool. “I use this electric screwdriver everyday at work. It makes my work a little easier and gives me a better day everyday.” Demonstrate how it is used. I used a battery operated electric screwdriver to screw in and out a screw from a piece of wood. This demonstration showed how easy it was to put a screw into a piece of wood. “I thank God for gift of my electric screwdriver, because it makes my day better everyday.”

7. “There is one gift that God has given to all of us that is far better than any of these gifts that I have shown you.” “That gift is Jesus, God gave the gift of Jesus to all of us.” “I use Jesus everyday. He makes my day better everyday.”

Pull out the Bible from the green bag. “When I read my Bible everyday, I’m using Jesus. When I’m praying everyday, I’m using Jesus.” “I thank God for the gift of Jesus, because he makes my day better everyday.”

8. Conclude with prayer: “Dear God, thank you for all the gifts that you have given us. Help us to use them everyday. We especially thank you for the gift of Jesus who makes our day better everyday. Amen.”

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