Summary: First in a series on the unseen spirit world around us. Dispelling the myths, and proclaiming the sensational truths about angels and their great importance to God and to believers. Link included to free formatted text, handout, and PowerPoint.

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A Biblical Description of Angels

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For the next several weeks we will look at some things unseen…the spirit world around us. There is much confusion on this subject and we will lay to rest some myths, and more importantly, learn some incredible truths that will change the way we view the world around us, and how we live.

We should never underestimate the ministry of angels. They have a job to do in our lives, and in this world.

Ill.—my testimony of being saved from a certain motorcycle wreck.

The world is not too interested in Bible doctrine. But in the last few years there is a subject that has the world’s attention: angels.

Hollywood / Oprah / Montel / TV and movies / ‘Angel Wars’ DVD’s /

personal accounts…

It’s hard to argue w/ a person’s experience. If it doesn’t disagree w/ scripture, then it’s possible.

Ill.—a few years ago we lived near a lake where a dad and his young son were fishing one night. Somehow they capsized and weren’t known to be missing for several hours. Both were presumed to have drowned, but as they were dragging that area of the lake they found the boy sitting on a large stump sticking up out of the water. He told how he saw his dad go under and how he thought he would drown, too. He couldn’t see where their boat was, and he couldn’t tread water long. The water patrolman who found him asked him how he found and climbed upon the stump. He said, “a man in another boat picked me up and set me on the stump, then left.”

The world may not want to hear much about Jesus, but angels interest them!

It’s a sensational topic. But for Christians, it’s much more than a novelty. It’s Bible truth that they exist and are active!

4 reasons why the world is enamored with angels:

• Spirit of hopelessness—people are looking for answers and for something to fill their empty spirit.

• Spirit of selfishness—Christians are called to be servants, but our society would rather be served than to serve. Angels are ministering spirits / servants, and people want to know what the angels can do for them.

• Spirit of the New Age—our society is being conditioned for the end times. The world will accept the supernatural during the tribulation. The antichrist gains power on a platform of signs and wonders.

• Spirit of curiosity—we’re all curious about the unknown.

Questions people have about angels:

What do angels look like? Do we have guardian angels? How many angels are there? What is an archangel? Is it possible to see an angel? Do I pray to angels? What about demons, are they real? How are they different? Will I someday be an angel?

This series will answer these questions and many more.

The world is interested in angels for all the wrong reasons, but we have good reason to be interested. There’s way too much about this in scripture to ignore it.

Some may ask if I’ve ever seen an angel…well, just my wife!

Jesus believed in angels, and referred to them many times. The apostle Paul did the same.

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David Garner

commented on Nov 29, 2006

Pastor Jerry, thank you so much for your insight.

William Stokes

commented on Nov 27, 2012

Good one. Always like Elisha and God''s work through him

Don Shotwell

commented on Oct 19, 2016

Don Shotwell

commented on Oct 19, 2016

Good Sermon on Angels Thank You for Sharing.

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