Summary: Removal of fear of Halloween with the Word!

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A Biblical Perspective on Halloween

Deuteronomy 18:9-22

Col.2:6-10, 3:1-6

What’s this hubbub all about Re: Halloween? Think with me, how do the ancients think? Many of us today even grow up being afraid of the dark, right? What about the old days, when they do not have electricity to light up the night? As fall gives way to winter, snow arrives days grow darker sooner, colder, oohh…howling winds, creepy, scary… so naturally afraid, so they made sacrifices to the gods…

Some took advantage of this fear and they made a killing pardon the pun by collecting treats from fearful people and some practice human sacrifice to appease spirit world who controls darkness. Big picture here: FEAR!

This is way of the detestable nations, the way of fear and the Bible says do not learn to imitate their ways (Deut.18:9). Why do folks want to do stuff as described in Deut.18:10-11? FEAR! of the unknown! That somehow we need to appease those angry spirits... they are beyond control of mortals...

Begin to believe …Dead evil spirits roam earth and are out get us!

Druids in Celtic Europe masquerade as evil spirits (costume idea) such to get goodies. Belief that wear masks- confuse ghosts/spirits that they are on the same side so won’t bother the living.

So we know the truth is that Halloween’s deepest roots are decidedly pagan, and unlike Christmas and Easter, it as kept those pagan roots, despite its now Christian name. Christians didn’t simply speak out; they tried to institute a Christian alternative. All Hallow’s Day (November 1) was a celebration of all "the holies" - those people who had died faithful to Christ.

Light against darkness. Life against death. Faith against fear!

But Halloween in our culture has become an odd mixture of tributes to Draculas and roaming spirits, TV superheroes and comic characters, and participation in innocent harvest festivals and costume parties. Through the centuries, Christians of most persuasions have tried to transform this pagan holiday into a Christian one. How does one take a genuinely Christian stance today?

First, we gotta know anything that diminishes God and worship of Him is No good!

That is why God does not like it one bit folks put so much into the occult (Deut.18:12-13) because it diminishes God, and it trivializes the worship of God by replacing it with fear of other spiritual entities, as if the other spirits are as powerful as the LORD!

There is no other God and for Israel to go that route is surely a statement that they have forgotten by His mighty hand He has conquered the powers of Egypt and all their opponents! Now they want to go that way, to God is a real insult and unthinkable!

God has raised up prophets like Moses, fulfilled ultimately in Jesus, but does anyone listen (Deut.18:15)? Choose to listen to the other "powers"?

Now today, colored by Hollywood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, teenage slasher films, evil seems cool

some can’t tell what’s real, what’s not,… who are we listening to when we evaluate spiritual powers?

Now people are buying into psychics, occult fairs, cults abound - they are not a novelty thing any more. It’s bandied about as legit!

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