Summary: Sermon based upon the preaching of Dr. Bob Pittman. A blending of the natural and the supernatural.

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Blending of the Natural and Supernatural

-Based on a Sermon preached by Dr. Bob Pitman, February 23, 2009

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Miracles Series 2009 – Black Creek

Have you ever really thought about the power of God? He IS an amazing God. The God of yesterday, today, and forever more is the God who “Created Heaven and Earth”. He is the same God who created all things living and breathing. He is the same God who is in control over ALL things.

What a mighty God, we do serve.

God has ways of getting our attention. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God gets our attention! Through the power of the Word of God, God gets our attention! Through the power of the Holy Spirit through fellow believers, God gets our attention.

It is truly a blend of the Natural realm and the Supernatural realm!

God takes a lost sinner – filled with sin – filled with guile – cleanses this sinner of his sin, removes the sin, wrath, and guile, and makes him or her brand new again. That’s God taking the natural, blending in the supernatural, and producing a transformed being. That’s salvation

Throughout God’s Word – God does the impossible:

In Genesis – He is the Creator, notice Genesis 1:1-2

“Earth was without form and was void”

In Exodus – He speaks to Moses through the Burning Bush in Exodus 3

“I am that I am”

- In Exodus 7:10-13 – He takes Aaron’s Rod and it becomes a serpent

In 1 Samuel 17 – David is filled with the Spirit of God in slaying great Goliath

“God took the Impossible – and made it Possible”

In 1 Kings 18:21 – God fills Elijah with His Spirit to combat the enemy

“God wins again”

In Mark 14 – Jesus walks on the water

In John 11 – Tomb of Lazarus – Jesus Wept – “Lazarus Come Forth”

God, through the convicting power of the Holy Spirit – calls upon each one of us – when we reach the age of accountability – “Come, unto me (your name) – I will give you rest”

God blends the natural – with the Supernatural

Today, we look at the book of Luke 2:8-11

Mary – virgin – no experience with a man

• Filled with the Holy Spirit

• Conceived a child, still a virgin

• How? A blend of the natural and the supernatural


Look at the SHEPHERDS

Behavior – Keeping watch over their flocks

Job – Natural behavior for their profession

Look at the ANGELS

When the ANGELS spoke, the SHEPHERDS were “sore afraid”

“Blend of the Natural and the Supernatural”

Look what the ANGELS did

“Made an announcement with “Good News”

Good News for ALL PEOPLE!

What was this Good News?


1. There is No Reason to be Afraid

2. There is No Reason to be Sad

3. There is No Reason to be Lost

4. There is No Reason to Wonder who is in charge. – Jesus is Lord

This morning – let’s look at the other side of the fence:

What if Jesus would not have come?

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