Summary: The promise was given by David, centuries ago: if any nation claims God to be its God and Lord, then that nation will be blessed. Our land laid claim to that promise years ago and true to His word, God has blessed this country bountifully.

PSALMS 33:12




A. Birth.

B. Beliefs.

C. Brevity.


A. Benefactor.

B. Beginnings.

C. Bountifully.


A. Beacon.

B. Bastion.

C. Banishment?

The Psalmist was correct when he uttered our text so long ago. A nation is blessed when it claims God as its Lord. History has been ripe with examples of the many nations who have served God and the results when those same nations have drifted away from their moorings and have ceased to follow God as a nation.

This sermon is not about other nations, as such, but it is about America and how blessed it has been, still is, by a Blessed Benefactor who still Blesses our country Bountifully. While we can enjoy these blessings daily, one has to wonder just how long the favors of God will last as we continue on our path way of liberalism and rejection of godly ways in so many areas of our national life.

I see three things here in this verse about a nation whose God is the Lord as the verse applies to America. The first thing I see is in regard to OUR BIOGRAPHY, what have we written, and what are we writing in the annals of history about God, His blessings and His care for us? How have we responded to His blessings? What will history say about what we wrote while we were a nation on this Earth? The next thing I note has to do with OUR BLESSINGS that God has given America over the years of our existence. While we cannot enumerate all of His blessings, there are many we can mention which have marked our land as a special land, which has been bountifully blessed by God. Lastly, I have to note OUR BEHAVIOUR as a nation in the light of so many mercies given to us by a great Bountiful Benefactor

I. OUR BIOGRAPHY: If there is one country who has written a well developed biography, it is America. From the first new comers to these shores, to the settlement at Jamestown, to the formation of our government, it seems that certain thing have been noted in the annuls of our history. Time has dulled some of the facts but by and large, the BIOGRAPHY of our land is open for all to read. The question then arises as to what is contained in these writings of ours?

The first has to do with our Birth of a nation. No other country started like ours. It started with the desire to worship God as one wanted to do and the notion grew until hundreds, thousands flooded our shore with the intent of honoring God as they wanted. There were many who came for other reasons but by and large, this was the driving force which helped create our nation and gave birth to a new land. From the first to the last movement of our new nation undergoing birthing pangs, the end result was that our Creator would be recognized as the One who created the government and set the course for a new ship of state.

With the birthing process under way for years only to be culminated in 1776, the rock bottom anchorage that guided this new land was the fact that we held certain Beliefs as a nation which were to become part of our very fiber. Without a State Church being organized and promoted, the underpinnings of our core Beliefs are that there was/is a God in Heaven and He sent forth His Son, Jesus who is called the Christ, to be the Redeemer of all mankind.

Many and separate groups, although differing in governmental philosophies and hierarchical orders, came together to form a core of creeds about God and Christ which molded this land as no other nation has ever been molded. From the man on the street, to the President of the country, there were by and large certain core beliefs of doctrine that wielded this conglomerate nation of immigrants into what could be called a Christian nation. The bottom lined rested on the premise that God was our Lord and this nation was founded on that one main principal which gave it guidance and purpose in the society of nations around the world. And, as our BIOGRAPHY is being written from the earliest days until now, one cannot but ascertain that our beliefs are slipping away at an alarming rate. The Brevity of our Beliefs seems to be gathering speed in these last few years.

As God looks upon the nations of this world, He sees time in a completely different manner than what we do. The last two hundred years plus may seem long, but they are really very brief. If we look at a generation as comprising twenty years, it becomes obvious that it has taken only about 25 generations from our birth to our bane. The core concepts upon which we were founded seems to be slipping away from us surely as night follows day. What will the writers of history say in the future as they look at America and her beliefs in God?

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