Summary: Jesus brings about transformation in the lives of all who receive Him.

A Brand New You

II Corinthians 5:17

I. A brand new you

A. Has a clean slate

1. what you do going forward will shape you

2. past mistakes are in the past

B. Has new opportunities

1. unlimited potential

2. unlimited resources

II. Newness comes about in Christ Jesus

A. He takes the old “self”

1. it was nailed to calvary

2. self only stays with you, if you allow it to

B. Christs resurrected glory is in you

1. He is a part of your life

a. everyday

2. He intercedes for you

3. He gives guidance

4. He gives assistance

III. What are you going to do with your newness

A. recognize the pitfalls of the past and stay away from them

B. treat it with care

C. maintain it properly

D. share it with others

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